Friday, September 25, 2015

There's Gold in them there hills and reds, and greens ....

I'm very far behind in Blog reading and blog writing so forgive me..if I have a connection I'M so worn out  I can't type,,,if I'm all full of energy there is no connection!! SO one day Ill catch up..

I left y'all hanging At John Days National Monument....and on the second day of my explore there I headed to the Painted hills after a good but cold night on Baker Mt in the CG.  I took Hwy 26 West to the Painted Hill Unit OH and did I mention you get 3 stamps for your passport book with John Day..Probably did I just love the whole stamp thing its kind of like a geo-cache find! 

where I met a couple from Easley SC!! We both pulled into the parking area at exactly the same time LIFE is amazing..THE painted hills was my fav of the 3 units...I mean look at this! 

and this...

and SO much more....

the color is just vibrant...

then there is some various types of mounds...this is a clay soil when it gets wet it sort of dries with a hard shell and so it looks solid but it is very fragile..

the trees are amazing dead or alive!

some roadside sunflowers attracted some Pine siskins...they were so hungry they didnt mind a photo opt for me!

I visited the Painted Hills on Sept 18th so you can see Im way behind "real time" Im having a major adventure!!

I stayed on 26 West cause this nice fellow told me If I was headed to Mt Hood just stay on 26! So I did..

And I stopped that night near the town of Prineville, OR at he State Park on the Reservoir there...its very low as I could see every dock out of the water!! This was the dawn view from my campsite..ole Casey has me out early to get his walk in...we caught someone else having an early breakfast..

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. The Painted Hills are pretty impressive, glad you made it out there and got some fantastic photos too!

  2. OMW! how beautiful!. Don't worry about keeping up with us just keep these great posts coming.
    dang if I didn't miss out on 3 vans already.

  3. I sure wish I was a mouse in your pocket! Stay safe!

  4. Now I'm going to have to visit Painted hills. Wow!

  5. Now I'm going to have to visit Painted hills. Wow!

  6. We have only been in this area once and way too long ago, now I want to go again!


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