Saturday, September 19, 2015

the Oregon Trail!

I do need to et a back up charging system...I can charge all day while I drive but only 2 items SO I have to choose...SO this post may or may not make the finals.  Im still doing my PNW tour...finally made it to Oregon...A new state for me and I was so excited I added it to the natl map tonight! 
My fist stop in Oregon was the Oregon Trails Interpretive Center!  Its not far from Baker City  they take the O.T. very seriously there...

The Intrepetive Center is quite large...I was not happy with the modern building design tho..

I was expecting a rustic log look but it was very posh instead..

and you can get a stamp in your passport book for visiting...I am not fond of stuffing animals and most of the exhibits had some so I kinda Skipped along and found some interesting this typical bed they had in the wagons for once they arrived, the ones that survived that is over 50,000 immigrants came west via the Oregon Trail..


Here is the route of the trail...called the Garden of the World.

they traded with the Indians along the way...

And here is a replica of one of the wagons...

I like this hand forged hardware...

it provided a great view of the way ahead!

I loved this quilt on display I didnt get the name but it was a fund raiser quilt I believe...

AND I loved this amazing rock on the grounds...the color of the lichen is WOW!

Got my 51 cent  pressed penny!

on the way out of the area I saw 2 of these guys in a field they started a rapid retreat but I got one photo

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I love the pictures I want to go there. I agree a log building would have been great but they did do an amazing job with the displays.

    Once you get back you can get a double header or triple header adapter for you lighter thing. But you did manage to get all those great pictures downloaded.

    1. The one I have has only one outlet...but I have 2 power outlets SO I do need 2!...Im also charging my little DVD Player so I can watch movies At night to end the day....

  2. On second thought you can find one in any camping store or auto store I think. I bet Walgreens has them too found the outlet one there

    1. The one I do have I found at Walmart...

  3. I recently read that you should use pennies from 1981 or before for the penny pressing. They have more copper. Of course you don't usually run into those old pennies.

    1. ANd Here I am always looking for the shiny ones!!


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