Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Im Not Lost!

I know y'all must think I fell off the edge of the world...Nope just fell off the grid!!  I've mostly been camping in Forest service campgrounds and primitive sights and no electric I did charge up my laptop via my one power outlet but the charge doesn't last long on this old laptop..So I've been out tomorrow will be a week..I'can't even begin to tell you all the awesome things I've enjoyed up to now..I've taken hundreds of photos but its hard to go thru them with no computer!! Last night I used what bit of battery power I had to empty my camera's.

A few scenes of my travels thus far..elk herd alongside the White River in CO as I left..

I entered Utah in the tip top north eastern corner and went to visit Dinosaur National Monument...all sorts of neat bones on dispaly there and an actual site where bones are visible right in the rock...they built this cool building right around it so we could view it and it would be protected.

Bones from t his quarry are on display in Museums all over the country!!  I camped in their campground called Green River campground...Pretty nice did fill up by nightfall tho..

We had a shady day we hit the road again spending the night in Aspen Grove CG along the Strawberry Reservoir in north eastern Utah....awesome country!!

and next day I ended up at Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake...A dear friend in CO suggested this spot to me and IM so happy I listened!!

An awesome amount of birds and mammals and some flies! But the flies left when the air cooled down..

Here is some of what I saw!

thousands of Northern Shovelers!

american avocets HUNDREDS ... and you can see the flies on my car window in this photo 

Once I left the causeway area the flies went away....pretty much

I was surprised by the amount of Buffalo here!! Quite a large number they roam freely on the island...

and Antelope too!! 

A new bird for me also is the Sage Thrasher they were very curious and let me get close I saw 3 lifers here the American Avocet, this thrasher, and Wilson's Phalarope!

If you have never been I say GO to Antelope Island!

there is so much to see---no way I can portray it all here...I camped in their CG for $5 its a $10 entry fee so for $15 I saw a lot of awesome sights!

A rabbit, antelope, cukar and coyote camp right close to my camp site!

The next day we headed north into Idaho...and went to Craters of the Moon...If you've never been I would suggest it! The campground is small and you get the lava dust all over you but there is no place else nearby to stay so...

I'll end here since Im afraid my battery will die before I finish this post...And Ill start a new post to continue this so If my battery lasts there will be a follow up if not you know it died...I will visit your blogs when Im fully charged up!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I hope you get some electric soon to charge everything up. I love my deep cycle battery for all these things including electric charging also. I found all these charger helpers on Amazon. Love your pictures and am glad your having a good time. Lookin at a Dodge Conversion Van :)

    1. I hope you get one Im enjoying mine even tho its far knocking on good wood, its performed super.

  2. Oh, wow! I'm soooo envious! What an incredible trip. Just loving your pics.

  3. You're certainly seeing some great stuff. The first time I saw that wall of Dinosaur bones, I swore it was fake. What a skeptic! Never camped on Antelope Island, we'll have to do that. Love Craters of the Moon.

    1. Im ripping up the pavement...slowing down a little now IM in the Northwest which was my target area...

  4. Where do I even begin?! That Sage Thrasher shot is amazing! They never let me get close like that, you must have the gift. I've driven past Craters of the Moon a few times now and I really need to stop and check it out someday. The pronghorn and bison were nice surprises, and the scenery is absolutely stunning. Glad you used up some battery life on this post!

    1. He seemed to be so curious about me, and he got right up in the good light!


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