Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor day wrap up....

I have not been blogging as much as I had hoped there seems to be little time to be alone while visiting with family...But here goes a wrap up, sort of, for the past few days...Last Thursday we were invited to a Garden Party and private concert down in Palisades...the guitarist, songwriter Ellen Stapenhorst entertained us as we sipped brown ale and enjoyed the cool shade trees in the yard. If you enjoy original folk music then please check out her CD and if you're in the area she does private concerts!

mom front and center
What fun!! SO mellow!  So y'all know Im the Middle child...and Im staying at my older sis's house my younger sis has a home here too where she plans to retire to in a couple years... she flew in to join us for the Labor day weekend, and you probably also know as younger women we 3 sisters backpacked 14 days or so of the Appalachian Trail, so we had to go see A Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford and Nick Noltie it was a fun film made more so by our own knowledge of what its like to be on the trail backpacking. Later we sat on the back deck of sis's house as seen here from a long distance away.

sis's house on the hill

 and watched the rain storm come over...

rain on the horizon

Saturday we went to the Fruit-growers Reservoir above Delta, CO to look for birds, it turned out hot so we saw very little and what we did see was on the opposite bank of the water so no good photos...western grebes and white pelican were abundant. It is a beautiful spot. and in the right season it is filled with all sorts of waterfowl and I heard sand hill cranes come by too I have looked all along my journey and so far not one CRANE have I seen...they must be in Canada right now...

Fruit Growers Res.

THE drive down to Delta was magnificent...we took Hwy 65 it goes thru this wonderful canyon...I found and named this arch  DixxeLand Arch in DeBeque Canyon where I would love to live!

DixxeLand Arch! Ha!

I mean check out this area is so Old and Ancient
the rock is amazing!!

Spire rock on DeBeque Canyon Cutoff Road
painted rocks in DeBeque Canyon

we took the scenic route up and over Grand Mesa  up to 11, 333 ft..the higher we went the colder it got...

hwy 65 as seen from the Grand Mesa
There was color on some of the Aspens! And we ran into some freezing rain and mist up on the tip top..

Flame color on Grand Mesa 11, 333 ft

Then Lucky ME we went back next day and hiked around Ward Lake up in the  Land of Lakes area on the Grand Mesa 

the hike around is about 2.5 miles, we made it a loop by including the road into the cabin rental and campground 
we saw some cute critters and a few nice birds too!! 

Mule deer seen in the town of Mesa
golden mantle ground squirrel?
white crowned sparrow

We picnicked up on the Land of Lakes overlook so many lakes can be seen from this viewpoint...Please excuse my flat hair it was a "cool need a hoody on your head" day so I pushed it back just for this horrid photo! But it is what it is...Pig tails and all!

Today Im off to Glenwood Springs to have a broken tooth repaired....and I plan to head out on my solo journey Thursday if the tooth is okay and the weather is good!!
Hope all of you are doing good I've tried to visit while Im at my sis with Internet, hope to update when I can from the road!! My first planned stop is Dinosaur National Monument I'll use my Senior Access Pass for the first time!! SO far this senior citizen thing is pretty cool!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Great scenery and colours Sondra. Your sisters house is mightily impressive!

    1. She has worked so hard for years and soon she will be rewarded by retiring here! ITS an awesome house.

  2. Oh I am just in awe of all the beauty. Your sister has a beautiful spot up there. And fall colors already. Hope all goes well with the tooth and you get on your way for more adventures.

    1. Had the tooth filled yesterday it was an old filling that broke out...SO today IM OFF...I hope to blog when I can, and i've been postings a photo a day on my Facebook, so Im putting up a Facebook Link on my side bar.

  3. You are in Colorado at such a perfect time. It's always awesome, but September ... Aspens, fall color ... Is the BEST! Lovely family time too ... I didn't know you and your sisters had done that hike! Loved the post ... Alto of course I was insulted that you didn't get your hair set and curled for that picture (lol. .. I haven't had anything but flat hair for about 40 years ))))! Good luck on the tooth and safe and happy travels.

    1. I was LIKE OH dang look at my hair but sis said ITS natural so post it...LoL...I can't wait for the fall color to arrive full blast.

  4. Are you and your sisters thinking about another backpacking trip? If you're going to the Colorado side of Dinosaur NM , I liked the Harpers Corner Trail. Two miles round trip with great views, although mostly at the end.

    1. I will look for that trail! We would LOVE to do more of the AT right now it takes a village to look after Mom so we will see...


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