Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WBW-31 Everybody in the Pool-

The Gene Pool that is--

ITS been so freakin hot I havent done any birding--unless its right outside my window before or after work... I found this brand spanking new Northern Mockingbird in the parking lot before work one morning -- he was out in the wide open whilst his mother was in a nearby tree screaming at him...and Im sure she was saying, "you're supposed to be flying away from people,"...but he/she didnt move while I circled and *CLICK*
...Love the cute speckled breast on this youngster--

n mcknbrd (1)
Imm Northern Mockingbird

...the Carolina Wrens of my WBW-30 blog post hatched this week (all 5)...The parents are very busy bringing food to the nest...NO Photos of the young yet they are way too small and weak for me to stress..SO these photos of the parents are taken through the kitchen window looking back toward the deck and the french doors, thats why you see curtains BEHIND the plant where the nest is located.  IF I try to shoot through that window directly behind the nesting area they spook...I am going to remove that FOCUS grabbing pine needle first chance I get tho--;O~

c wren 069a
who wants a spider?
And here is the other parent coming in with a worm---

c wren 083

And we welcomed a new female ruby throated hummingbird--she's all out on her own learning the ropes--
...a very fresh {off the nest} Carolina Girl!

c wren 063

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  1. We don't have hummingbirds in the UK... I am so jealous.
    Great images of all your lovley birds Sondra many thanks for sharing.

  2. That's a brilliant capture of a Hummingbird Sondra. I'm always a fan of young birds as like yours they often let you get much closer than the adults ordinarily would.

  3. Great close up shots, spiders, worms and all.

  4. Talk about a smashing post! Your camera was magic this week. The detail and focus of each of your images is inthralling. They are rich!
    Is the pine needle troubling you Dear?! I think that particular photograph of the wren reveals itself slowly, like a good book. I don't think nature photography needs to be so obvious or uncluttered all the time or it becomes tedious.
    Simply brilliant Sondra!

  5. You've got a very beautiful shots!! Love it and thanks for sharing!

    Duck photo shoot

  6. Hi Sondra...hmmm I wonder what the baby Mockingbirds first word was??hahaha!!
    Hot there huh...I wonder how the birds get through that weather.. especially in a nest box!!
    Great photos..Hummer just glistens and the Wrens I really like!!

  7. Oh yeah! I just can't imagine taking bird pix through a window ;>)))))!!! Your pictures are fabulous -- no matter from where you shot them.

    Sorry 'bout the terrible heat. Our granddaughter (from Charleston) is giving up and coming (with her kids) to visit her parents in Oregon for a month. (Whlle her husband has to work) I don't blame her though. It should be much nicer in the PNW

  8. Fantastic shots Sondra. It's great to see and watch all the new arrivals.

  9. Hi there - for all the colour of the hummer, I still think that birds like the wren are just remarkable.

    If you ever get to see them in the hand (rather than in the bush!) I think you'll see how splendid they are.

    Stewart M - Australia

  10. Gosh, I love all of them photos! wow!
    That humminbird and the wrens and..... you are soooo lucky!
    All we have left is Sparrows, pigeons and some doves,... ;)
    At least around here :)

    I had a similar experience with a 'fresh' sparrow. He was just sitting on the ground under a tree and watched me looking at him all funny because he didn't fly away.
    In the end he walked a meter away from me, lol :)

  11. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. Sondra, The fledging Mocker is so darn cute. Congrats on the CAWR hatchlings and the very fine captures of the busy parents. Love the Hummer...too!
    Many of my photos are taken from inside the comfort of my home. This insures I keep at least one window clean.:)

  13. ...aaaahhh!! That baby mockingbird is adorable! I love those little belly spots too! Glad all five Carolina Wrens hatched. Great photo with the spider in her bill!!

  14. Thank goodness you weren't a cat - that mockingbird baby better learn wariness.
    We finally passed 70 and enjoyed a first day of summer at about 75.

  15. That's a really nice series of birds. I love the way baby birds are still not aware that they must fly away from people.

  16. Your shots are always so wonderful!
    Despite the pesky pine needle I like the setting of the wren shot a lot.
    Thanks so much for your comment on my hummingbird. I'm honored it came from someone with your skills. :)

  17. Great shots, Sondra. I like the detail in the little mocking bird though I can't say they are my favorite species, they are always trying to get to my fruit and berries before I do.

  18. I so enjoyed your post! great shots of some birds that we don't see here and your story was entertaining!

  19. Wonderful photos Sondra! The young Mockingbird seems to be enjoying the attention!

  20. how nice to have a nest of that bird so close. :) It must be wonderful to follow the progress. Nice shots of the lovely pair. :)

  21. I`m catching up on your beautiful blog.I nearly died laughing over the baking soda can on your other post.
    Beautiful close-up pictures!Good luck with your new job,phyllis

  22. Lovely shots of these cute birds!

  23. Beautiful shots, Sondra. Love the Mockingbird chick and the C. Wren parents, also the hummingbird... just perfect!


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