Saturday, June 11, 2011

More About TN

Since nothing going right here right now, I wanted to share some landscapes of TN.  We passed through the Smokies on our way to the Cumberland Mountains..

Always fun to travel in this area-- the road is good although it gets steep and curvy in places...This is on I-40 Heading West.

Here's a classic view of the mountains of Eastern TN with "hollers" and "gulfs" separating the peaks, in the west they call these canyons and bluffs,

Its mostly farming in the area  and its not happening as quickly as it is in other areas, but some of the farm land is being eaten up by investors and wealthy developers...Sadly.  I will continue to enjoy these vast open spaces while its here.

The Layers of Green are a tradmark of the Applachian, Blue Ridge, and the Cumberland ranges, and in the valleys the great grasses for grazing animals are abundant. 

Back in the day buildings such as this one were the mainstay of moutain folk, this is an old School building inside the boundaries of Fall Creek Falls Park.

I can imagine my ancestor Elisha Wallen, the Long Hunter, staying in a cabin like this one while he waited for Daniel Boone and his hunting party to arrive...back in 1761 when he built a camp called Wallens Station in Lee Co VA, his decendants eventually settled in White Co, TN, and THUS I came to be!!

The fields always have some sort of wild flower growing!  This bed of wildflowers attracted some butterfies too.

Not all the critters we saw were willing to pose for us! Some thought we were acting like tourists who had never seen a COW before...

and some were just hanging out for our arrival...

I drove up into this farming area to visit a Graveyard!  It happens to be where my Grandfather and all the way back to my Great Great Great Grandfathers are buried..ITs a beautiful cemetery sitting on a breezy hill surrounded by this lovely country side..


I could certainly spend an eternity in this spot If I had to...this is Seitz Cemetery in Piney TN--and this is the view on the western side of the cemetery...

Overhead vireos and black and white warblers were singing away...and it was very peaceful

Couldnt get enough of the beautiful view from our room at the Inn, every room has a view!! Dang I want to go back~~~
Hope you're all having the kind of Weekend that Makes you Want to go Back!!
And have you noticed the new feature on the blog, the Location? Pretty Cool!



  1. Enjoyed your tour. There is another blogger that sometimes posts about the Cumberland Range. Beautiful country.

  2. That's great that you can trace your family back so far. You truly have 'roots' in the area!

  3. Hey Sondra...Love these photots of the hollers and golfs~~~canyons and bluffs!!
    My favorites are 3&4 the the two last one..really like those type of photos!!
    Now the the tail swinger and the vultures just cracked me up LOL!!
    Peaceful place the cemetery of your Grandfathers people!!

    Hope it is better Sunday weather where you are it is a cold rain at 50 degress. Only last Monday it ws 95 and 100% humidity ...darn I think I'm going to put on some heat or more clothes,but I already can't move from the load I have on. hahaha!!

  4. Oh, Your scenes actually provoked a sigh of both contentment and longing. I had not realized what a beautiful place TN is. Peaceful, soft, green, nature - perfect.

  5. Wonderful scenery Sondra! You certainly do get to see some lovely places.

    Your photos are beautiful and that cemetery does look very peaceful.

    The last view is spectacular!!

    I hope things start to go right for you soon...

  6. What a beautiful place. You say you could spend an eternity there; I think I could too.

  7. I do miss the Big Trees when I'm in Wyoming. The rolling greens of the east are so peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I do miss the Big Trees when I'm in Wyoming. The rolling greens of the east are so peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Beautiful area! I loved how the family history went along with the photos... It certainly does seem peaceful there.

  10. Great tour Sondra! You are very lucky to trace your roots all the way back and for them to be in such a beautiful area. We loved the greens and blues when we went traveled near this area -- and loved the "hollers" -- anything with hills is wonderful whenever we travel out of the flatland. (I don't realize how much I've missed them until I see them again.)

  11. That is such a gorgeous area and landscape. Whoa!
    I love the haystack shot and the hut.
    Wouldn't mind living there.

  12. That's beautiful country,so wonderful!

  13. Looks like a fantastic place Sondra.


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