Friday, June 24, 2011

175th day of 2011

IF my math is right..ok, 30 days has sept, apr, jun, and nov-all the rest have 31 except feb which has 4 and 24 (28) till leap yr gives it one day more..SO if you add that up and today is the 24th day of June then 175th day of the yr!

Got through the first week of working again..unscathed and thats good--
I work with some nice ladies and so that makes it easier! My boss strives to do a good job for her clients and I like her--

<---OK this is the problem--the date on my weather station is wrong this was taken 2 days ago..but you get the picture the time is correct..the second set of numbers is the Tempt 103.6 DEGREES!

SO when I get home from work in the afternoons this is what it's like outside SO no hikes, bird watching, or tromps in nature! Im still watching the C-Wrens feed the babies..they are getting BIG...I got one wee photo of them while Mom and Dad were out bringing home the bacon..

I snapped this one really quick and did'nt get focus but look at those 3 yellow open mouths..there is 2 more way in the back...Hope they're getting something when dinner arrives, all the way back in the cheap seats! 

borrowed from SC DNR Web site
WE (Camden, SC) See the arrow head Eastern Piedmont Fault system with the dashed purple line...that county is us
We had a 2.3 on the R.S.-Earthquake today!  We heard it at work we thought it was an explosion..and at the time I thought it might be an earthquake and it was according to the news! We have had earthquakes before...always small ones--Charleston was hit and greatly damaged by a quake in 1886 of about 7.0 - 7.3. When I got home my Mom had heard it too...she went outside to see if a plane had crashed...IT was a loud BOOM!!

So thats my 175th day of 2011 wrap 15 days the yr will be half over!!
Meanwhile look who's
hanging around being lazy on the yard bench
while Im out working---he doesnt know or care what day it is!!

These guys have it made in the shade dont they?

WISH we had a place at the lake
its the only place to be in this weather....Hope you have a good weekend lined up -Ill be kicked back with my feet up and something icy cold nearby!

PEACE n Cool


  1. HI Sondra...I wouldn't mind some of the heat!!!
    It is a heavy misty rain here and 55 how's about some trade earthquakes lol
    We are supposed to get this cool crappy weather until Sunday!!
    Good to hear that you made it through the week an the earthquake had no damage...and your babies are not cooking out there in that pot!! lol
    Take it easy ...Grace

  2. Wow an earthquake! Haven't felt one since I was a kid in Connecticut. Love the lazy lazy squirrel!

  3. I hadn't heard about your earthquake! Glad y'all didn't suffer any damage. Dang...a few years ago I learned that "fault line" runs though my area!!!
    We have cooled off and are getting some good rain. Hope it heads your way!
    Love the hatchlings! I think I have your squirrel's cousins visiting...dang it.
    It is great that you are liking your job and co-workers. Have a good weekend yourself.

  4. The only thing icy cold here is the AC (it works again, yippieh ;)) and the ice creme in the freezer ;)
    110 here and climbing - yuck!
    Love the lazy squirrel and the hungry chicks. :D
    Have a great weekend!
    We'll be heading to Bahrain for the day tomorrow (Visa run) and let's hope there are no nasty demonstrations :/
    No birding there for me either. Too much going on AND too hot. Just a lazy day at the Poolside with some cold beer (no real beer here in Kuwait)

  5. Believe it or not we have had two earthquakes here!!! Although I suppose it would be more correct to call them earth tremors. They were both a few years ago now. During the first, the bed jumped around on its castors and an old, framed tapestry fire screen rocked from side to side. In the other, I was in the bathroom and the cabinet shook and rattled the contents and the mirror on the opposite wall rocked!

    It does sound hot there, much too hot for me, I hope it cools down for you soon.

    Sweet photo of the Wrens :) and the last photo looks very cooling and refreshing... beautiful!

  6. Aaaargh!!! I nearly missed those beautiful birds on the last post, gorgeous, gorgeous photos and as for the Humming Bird... why can't we have them over here... I just love them, magical little creatures!

  7. I just love the little island at the bottom. It's awesome!

  8. Glad the job is going well - if you have good people to work with it makes all the difference.

    Wow, when you put it like that - the year half over - already - makes one give themselves a shake - where did the time go?

    Cool and rainy here.

  9. Hot ... and an earthquake...I guess I won't complain about Oregon being chilly (we're here -- roadtirp is over!). No complaints but I've had to wear socks every minute since we arrived ;>)

    Glad the new job is OK!

  10. Hot ... and an earthquake...I guess I won't complain about Oregon being chilly (we're here -- roadtirp is over!). No complaints but I've had to wear socks every minute since we arrived ;>)

    Glad the new job is OK!


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