Friday, June 17, 2011


eastern kingbird

Wow...this was a whirl wind week for me.  I jumped back into the workforce! My at home job had me on starvation rations so I had to do something--Im back to working in the Upholstery and Interior Dec Industry only this time Im just a worker bee and not the Queen!! WHICH is good cause I dont have to deal with the clients, answer the phone, rub elbows and brown nose--lol

I can happily do my work and leave ON TIME--and I like it-Im working part-time and as needed so when work gets slack I may be back on the bread line--so lets hope the wealthy can continue to live large--and need their homes refreshed when the mood strikes so we peons can have food to eat--(sorry that was not nice was it--But it's the truth so it stays!!)

Meanwhile....this weekend Mom and I plan to make JAM!! Peach and strawberry--Using SC peaches and CA Strawberries! Grown in the USA---YUM  Later in the year when our wild grapes ripen we will make some grape jelly.  We have enjoyed the fruit of our labor from last yr and thats literally!! Last yr about his time we made strawberry, and then grape and later in the fall Persimmon, Jam, jelly and butter! On Mom's hot Vegan biscuits its wonderful...Speaking of her Vegan biscuits all we do is substitute almond milk (unsweetened) for Cow's Milk and Applesauce for eggs! (a spoonful about the size of an egg) She uses vegetable oil also.  THEY are delicious--
WE use Best Life which is a butter substitute made from natural oils and no hydrogenated oils--its very good on hot biscuits!

... this change in my lifestyle means less time for blogs, birds, and all the other things I love to do....After my initiation I hope to move my hours to 3 days a week--I will have to make Mom promise she WILL NOT go into the garden while Im at work...(she is safer in the house) and that will give her and me 4 days together to enjoy being out in the yard, feeding the birds, filling the bird bath and watering her flowers..thats what she likes to do--and keep an eye on her tomato bushes!
...and that will give me time to get my groove on--which means getting out into nature when I can.  Meanwhile--check this out it was so funny I have to share it.

Mom said "Im out of baking powder, so please pick some up for me after you finish work today, sure no problem.  She left the empty can on the counter for recycling..and check this out---I like the can so I decided to keep it to put pins or paperclips in, its small and has a tight lid SO I kept it...BUT Then I turned it over and noticed this on the bottom:

CAN you see that??? THIS baking powder is almost 20 years OLD--
(May 1992?????) omg I hope the biscuits still taste as good with the new baking powder!!



  1. I'm starting to get like that. My kids get stuff out of the cupboard "Do you realise this says 2004?"
    To which I reply "So what? It's perfectly okay."
    And usually it is, though I might think a bit about 1992. Still, I hope your biscuits are good.

  2. HI Sondra...hahaha that is just to funny...1992 huh!!! "well they don't make thing like they use to is the saying" so will be interesting!!lol
    Oh dear if I had to go back to work hmmmm....I probably would be more orgainized...!!
    Home made jams and jellys nothing in the world like it!!
    We used to pick wild strawberrys and raspberry with my Mom to made jelly ...and in the winter ..omg!! so good!!
    Hope your having a good weekend!! Grace..

  3. Love that date on the tin Sondra lol

    But then, what did we do before all this 'sell by date' nonsense? Yea, we sniffed, and if it smelt ok, we ate it lol

  4. That even beats the bottle of aspirin that Ron had that was 10 years old!

  5. Hilarious - the baking powder part - that could be me :D
    I think I have teas at home (in Hungary) that are about the same age, lol.
    Glad you found a job that accommodates the needs and keeps you off starvation.
    The biscuits sound yummy, minds posting a recipe one of these days?
    I found a great one, but it has quite a bit of butter, but no eggs in it.
    Best wishes!

  6. lol..... its almost new!

    Agree with holdingmoments though, smell and eat

  7. Packing up to move, I'm finding lots of things that are older than expected. Agree that smell will tell if eating is safe.
    Don't work too hard.

  8. LOL! Thanks for reminding me to check my food dates.
    I like using old cans/containers for whatnots.
    Congrats on the job. Being a peon works for me. No dang worries!
    Nice Martin house!

  9. I'm happy for you in your new job (I think ;>)!

    Too funny about the "antique" baking powder. When she moved to a retirement complex, my mom still had spices she'd had since she was married .

  10. So funny! I have had similar experiences with sell by dates, well maybe not twenty years but definitely pretty old. The worst bit is when I find something lurking in the cupboard like that it seems like I only bought it yesterday!!!

    So sorry you have been forced back into the workforce but great that you had skills to fall back on, don't work too hard ;)

    The jams, jellies and biscuits all sound wonderful, YUM!

    The birds on the previous post and your photos of them are just lovely! I hope the Wren family do well and that little Bluebird taking time out in the beauty parlour is sooo sweet :)

  11. Lol, so funny about the baking powder. I don't know how it will be in the biscuits though. I can't blame you for keeping the can, I would too. Great to hear about your job. A great idea, the substitutes for the biscuits.

  12. HA!!! That's hilarious!! Takes forever for me to go through stuff like baking powder, so I understand completely! Too bad it didn't last two more years, you could take it out for a drink!

  13. Too funny about the Baking Powder. Mine lasts a long time too but not THAT long.

    Nice to by a worker and not the boss. Personally, I don't like being in charge. Let the head ache to others.

  14. Garlic needs to be planted in the fall. I usually plant the end of September/beginning of October. It needs just enough time to get a root system going. Then in the spring it sends its shoots up and early. It is very cold tolerant. Well worth growing. My garlic is heard neck garlic and keeps fine though some people say soft neck keeps better ... I haven't found it so ... at least the soft neck just doesn't grow as well for me. Like I said my garlic from last year is still good. Just gave four heads away to the neighbour lady.

  15. Cicero thanks for the tip about the garlic..I've since found out Onions are best planted in fall they should grow well together!


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