Monday, June 6, 2011


I used to transport some junkies when I worked in the 911 system in NYC...but lately its a different kind of FIX I am witness to...
I had errands to do this morning so off I went...Threw the camera in the car and on the way back stopped at my local lake and had a soothing relaxing walk around, IT was my one was around but me and a few other Junkies....we loved every minute of it...

The sunny area played host to these awesome plants

                   This Buckeye came out to pump up his wings...

Then more awesome plants caught my eye and one made my mouth water!

This 12 spot (I think?)  posed so well for me, he deserves a big cameo shot all on his own-

This shy fellow was headed for the woods--dont know what he had in mind..

I chased this dude around for a while and the best shot I got of him, is this one--- he hops from limb to limb and stays pretty well hidden although he needed to get a curious look at me, it's the Prothonotary Warbler.  I hope to get something better of this awesome looking bird before summer is over--

  that dang twig...grrr

The Eastern Kingbird was there again and I watched as he flew out over the water

And hovered like an osprey only close to the surface, he would swoop and scoop something off the water...must be something delicious cause he kept doing it over and over...

AND the Great Blue Heron was wading in belly deep-he looks determined dont you think?

We all got our Nature Fix~



  1. Awesome, I don't know where to begin! I love the collages and all the flowers... That shot of the 12 spot is beautiful! I hear ya on the twigs! Your Live Traffic Feed is crazy... I just looked over and there I was, a visitor from Portland, Oregon. I might need that!

  2. Hi Sondra...well this is a pretty swankie spread!!
    Like the Buckeye and the Heron,12 spot,Pitcher plant blackberry Oh for heaven sake there all just great lol

  3. Wow, incredible shots once again! I really like the "bugs."

  4. What a great selection Sondra. A feast of natures delights.

  5. Wonderful photos Sondra!! It's so easy to become a Nature junkie ;) The Buckeye really is a beautiful butterfly, such striking markings!

    I love that 12 spot photo, what a smart looking chap he is.

    Twigs are a pain :)

  6. Some very lovely shots here. That 12 spot really did pose for you - what a great catch. A very productive outing!

  7. Thanks fellow Junkies! HEY JEN, Take that Live Traffice Feed, I took it from someone, its cool to see where people are coming from--

  8. Those insect and plant photos are professional level! Stunning.

  9. I know what you mean about needing a nature fix. I agree totally. But I can't compare with the way you capture those tiny creatures. Amazing!

  10. Fabulous pictures. I love the bugs.


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