Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WBW 29 Yonder Bird

American Goldfinch
 Ode to THE Birder

Oh Bird in the Sky
Flying so High

Dipping, soaring,
Gliding right by

ISO too low
F-stop too high

O-Aperture Priority
Shutter too Slow
Where did that
Bird Go?

 S Hickman

Eastern Bluebird
Tripod or'e my shoulder
Out to field I go
Spirits er' a'soarin' 
Expectations grow-n
Or'e the stream
Around 'er bend 
Quietly he's waiting
There on yonder limb.

S. Hickman

Chipping Sparrow
Little Brown Bird    
Catching my eye

Sparrow or Wren
Taken to sky

Oh lark of yon' meadow
Take thee a rest

I'll snap a photo
Whilst you look
Your Best.

S. Hickman

Part of World Bird Wednesday...Share your Birds Too

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  1. Wow! The Goldfinch with the yellow flower is very special!

  2. Beautiful shots Sondra.

    And that first poem had me laughing out loud.
    The times those things have happened to me lol

  3. Fantastic captures and wonderful poems!

  4. Lovely bird photos and I enjoyed the poem!

  5. swedish colors. :) Yellow and blue. Maybe you can ask some of them to come to us?? :)

  6. Beautiful photos, the goldfinch is so great coulored and the bluebird to, I am so fascinated how many different birds there are in our world...

  7. Wow talk about colourful Sondra!

  8. the photos are perfect, but your poetry made me smile!!!

  9. Amazing captures! how do you get a goldfinch to land on a beautiful yellow flower? wonderful!

  10. Super captures Sondra. 'Ode th The Birder rings a bell ... ding-dong!

  11. Hi Sondra...oooooh so nice to be able to comment one of my favorite bloggers blogs!!! lol
    Great stuff girl...love the Goldfinch with yellow on yellow, and your Ode to the birder is a good one..and oh so true!!
    Today I was trying to get a good aim at one of the Irises in my garden and didn't that darn Swallowtail butterfly ,whom I have been trying get a shot of all week
    go right in front of me...you know the rest of the story grrr!!

  12. Hi - the yellow and yellow shot is great - and the ode is funny!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  13. A lovely photo essay in image and word!
    Have a great week!

  14. I love these poems, so true :D
    And lovely shots to go with them :)!!

  15. Great captures. Really a beautiful set of images. Well done.

  16. Love you poetic licences :-)
    Thank you for leaving me a cheery comment this morning.

  17. Lovely photos Sondra!! The first poem made me laugh :) I just love that photo of the American Goldfinch so perfectly posed with the yellow flower! Beautiful!!!

  18. Very nice crisp shots!! Boom & gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  19. Sondra, I love your birding poems. Boy do I relate to the first one.LOL!

    Excellent captures! They sure posed nicely for you.

  20. Hi..on your trailer title question..in Az you go to your insurance company and pay for a bond for an abandoned title which cost $150 ....

  21. Your talents never end. Gorgeous pictures as always and catchy poems.

  22. Beautiful images Sondra...your Goldfinch is stunning to see.

  23. That was a riot! If you can reveal your secret one day let me know how you manage to channel Emily Dickenson! I could use a shot of E.E. Cummings. Of course I love the goldfinch shot, It's perfect, but today it's the poetry that's floating my boat!
    Outstanding S. Hickman!

  24. OK look below -- today my name shows up -- so it looks like you fixed your comment thing. Thank you. I already told you in my email how much I love this post and your poem ...just lovely. Thanks again.

  25. Oh wow! I love the poetry, especially the first one - so true! Great photos too - the Goldfinch is really special!

  26. Lovely captures! That goldfinch looks terrific with the yellow flower!

  27. Matching colours in every photo! This is amazing, great work, love this post.

  28. You take such beautiful pictures.

  29. Lovely pics! I particularly love the first one, the Gold Finch perched on a yellow flower - beautiful juxtaposition.

  30. Great series: all three birds match the colors of the background - very cool!


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