Monday, May 4, 2009

Art comes in many forms

Its been a couple of days since I posted anything, Im sort of weaning myself from the Blogging. I do enjoy reading though and sometimes I make a comment, but Im trying to be quiet and listen more than talk, and learn more than teach, stay more the background. I dont know if its me or not but it seems that everyone is very wrapped up in themselves these days, when you try to speak to someone they wont let you finish a sentence...a complete thought never seems to make it from brain to lips these days. It seems people dont really want to listen as much as they want to talk and hear themselves talk..
Im a student of the Navajo way of life. They wait until another stops speaking and finishes their idea before speaking...its not the Navajo way to interrupt someone by not allowing enough time for one to completely finish a thought and speak that thought before you insert your own words into the conversation. What some mistake as slowness is actually a learned behavior of allowing time for words and complete thoughts to be spoken...slowly and with respect. I think all of us could benefit from this method. The art of converstation!
So with that said, up there is a little artwork I finished...I call it Sun-Set Window, It began as a watercolor in my little sketch tablet and then I photographed it and finished it with some digital software, giving it more of an abstract feeling. As Ive said before I dont really enjoy painting, but I do love drawing and doodling as I call it. Digital painting is something I love to do... and Im quite good at it, even if I say so myself! Unless you have ever tried it, you may not be aware that 'artistic talent' is very much involved and necessary for a good outcome. Its like any other form of art, you cant teach someone how to do it, they either have the knack or they dont. You can teach them how to use the tools, but technique is something that you are born with or you hone with practice and determination.

This is what I like to do, no galleries for it as yet, still shrouded in skepticism and controversy. Is digital art real art? I image if you like it then its art..thats the way I look at it. Some people think splatters dripped on a canvas is art, and that chimps and elephants are artists, so anything goes!..
Long ago when photography and camera's were invented it was a spectators sport!..A spectacle, an odd thing. Artists declared it was NOT art...but today its widely accepted and much money is spent purchasing photographic art. I too love photography and I've been practicing that craft for a long time as well. Never tried to make money with it, but certainly wouldnt turn down the opportunity.


  1. I think there's nothing more annoying than someone constantly butting in when I'm talking. Happens far too much these days. Life seems to move along so quickly at times, I think that is a lot of the trouble. People think their words have to catch up.
    Maybe why I enjoy solitary walks in the countryside so much, to take in the world around me, at the pace it is meant to be enjoyed.

  2. I loved your horse you are right about interrupted others who are talking .
    I think of myself as a digital artist and to me it si art .


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