Thursday, May 28, 2009

Artful Marriage

Today I need to get my mind off the real world and just seek out a peaceful place to enjoy my hobbies. This week has been plagued with bad news both for the World and for my family personally..we lost one of our own this sis's dog Jake has passed from an Earthly Journey to a Spiritual in peace my old friend..

Artistic endeavors are just the answer when Im seeking solace from reality. I have been working on a project that I hope will be finished in the very near future!

I had this brain storm idea over a year ago to sort my photographs, edit them to my liking and combine shots I took of junk yard cars with landscapes taken while on my I've made some progress.

It has been so much fun "marrying" the car or truck with the landscape that best suits it... I will make up at least 13 of them and for a calendar-- I HOPE!..

Its been a challenge to find a landscape that matches the month/season it represents which I hadnt even considered...thankfully I have something from every season-- I think! Im a bit short of snow scenes but do have a few that may work.




  1. Sorry to hear about Jake, sad news.

    The project looks very interesting; love Aprils shot.
    You'll have to keep us updated on its progress, and when it's finished.

  2. Sorry to hear about Jake. So sad! I just love the April shot.


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