Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swan Lake

the wood duck 

Spring is in full force here now. The air has that wonderful cool nip in the mornings, but it grows hot during the day. I usually get my work and exercise in early while its still cool. This morning Im meeting my neighbor we are going to walk our dogs together...thats always fun.
Yesterday I took my Mom and we went to Swan Lake, not too far from us a wonderful spot to see swans, and other waterfowl along with some birds. I enjoyed it very much. Mom got a bit tired so we didnt stroll the Iris garden, but we still had a great time, I mentioned getting a used wheel chair for this type occasion, she was not too happy with that!Ouch, well she will be 85 on her next birthday and she is still recovering from a broken and repaired hip...but if determination is money she is Filthy Rich!..
On the way we had to travel along I-20 for a short distance. At the exit where we got off there was a Huddle House. Ive eaten in these a few times, but this one had the best energy Ive felt in a long while so I enjoyed my breakfast, so did Mom! Much of the time I dont enjoy eating out due to the low to poor energy of some of these spots...Im not a psychic but I do feel energy and vibrations. I guess when you open up to the world around you, you have to be ready for all of what may come your way!
Here is a link to the more of the photos I took yesterday.


  1. I have just found my way here via Holding Moments and what an interesting site you have here.

    I was very moved by an earlier post with an account of your disentangling fishing wire from a gulls leg, I really thought that was wonderful and would have cried with you had I been there, I cannot bear to know of any creature suffering.

    Good on your mother for being so determined to retain as much independence as she can.

    Your duck picture is beautiful.

  2. Had a look at the other pictures Dixxie, and Swan Lake looks a beautiful place to spend a perfect day.
    Love that Wood Duck in this post. Only ever seen one once before, and they really are striking.

  3. That wood duck photo is picture perfect - beautiful!!


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