Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Goose!

It's Mothers Day and My Mom has been away for a week but arriving home today...Im looking forward to having her here again. We have a new book to listen to we enjoy hearing audio books while we eat our meals...and once again its a Tony Hillerman Mystery, The Dance Hall of the Dead--should be very interesting!

Last week we took a trip to Swan Lake and enjoyed all the birds and trail around the lake. This one goose took up with Mom and they were instant friends...check this out.

So they met and Mother Goose made the first move to get to know each other and Mom offered her cane up for inspection and the goose approved and suddenly there were 3 of us...she joined right in our procession..

Then when Mom needed to sit and rest a bit our new friend had snack of grass and we enjoyed the shade....soon she tired of our slow pace and went off on her own but for a while we enjoyed her company!


  1. I had to smile at that shot of the Goose following your mum. What a great capture.

  2. Aww it must have been lovely to have the Goose walk with you. Love the photos. Nice blog by the way. I'll be back.


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