Thursday, May 7, 2009

Enlightened or Evaporated? Life

The ancient Mayans knew more about time than any other civilization...we are only just NOW catching up to them in our efforts to understand time and our connection to it and our connection to the Planet and the Universe. Time moves through the universe in a forward motion and in a cycle...everything in our universe is made up of cycles. The day-night cycle, the seasonal cycle- the tides-moon cycle, the cycle of a woman's body, the death-birth cycle. Some people believe through religious faith that they will live forever....I saw we already DO. My DNA which has my fathers & mother's DNA was passed to my DNA will go forward with time & space, since space is the vessel carrying time along on its forward march --to what? Some believe we have expanded from our center The Big Bang..and when 2012 comes we will begin to a rubber band now stretched to its fullest size it will now retract and we will move BACK in TIME!..WOW I dont think if we do it means we will see our Great Great Grandmother again, but we will see our Planet and the Universe renewed...
All the past Era's of time have found this Earth in various stages of growth..we had an intense cooling off period, we had an ice age, we had the age of dinosaurs, now we have the age of man, and what is next?? No one can say...

Well as the Mayans knew and now we know, time will soon be coming to a completion of a cycle. Every circle has a beginning and an ending, it doesnt mean the Earth will END, or cease to be, not in my mind, it means we will be entering a new era one not seen for roughly 26,000 yrs. We come into a cycle where we ,the Earth, are aligned with our Sun, and the center of our Milky Way Galaxy...all in one alignment...and that will occur on Dec. 21, 2012!
This will end an era of time, we will be leaving the constellation of Pisces and entering into the age of Aquarius, finally!..What does all this mean for us, humans? No one knows!...All we do know is our Universe has gone through 4 "worlds" 4 cycles and now we are entering the 5th world. The Navajo believe that man is living in the 4th world after coming up from the 3rd world creeping up through a reed from the watery world...fascinating idea...since the Bible record mentions a great Flood on the Earth.

We have drifted the furthermost point from our center and now we will be returning closer to the source...maybe it will be a time of peace and renewal not just for the planet but our Spirits as we have drifted so far from center...its evident by our complacent idealism. Ive done a bit of reading about his event and according to the Mayan Long Count calendar , or the measurement of time will be reset on that date to and we will begin again, closer to our center...So I guess we will all have to see what happens!

So the cycles of the Earth and of Life brought this piece of art to me...I simply call it LIFE!
(ps: check the History Channel this week, they had a story called Ancient Astronauts--some very interesting stuff ancient history connecting to the Mayans, the Ancient Egyptians, and much more.)


  1. Very interesting and thought provoking post Dixxie.
    I'm not sure what I beleive in to be honest, but try to enjoy all that is around me.
    Not always easy though.

  2. Keith, I feel the same way its hard to embrace something so BIG...I just love the planet as a whole and hope for the best...try to encourage Green Living to make our own environment better. I guess as far as the BIG picture goes we will know in a couple of years exactly what it means for us. Thanks for the visits and the comments..Im off to reciprocate right now!

  3. Interesting stuff. Gives one pause for thought.


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