Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Things that caught My eye!

This morning I took the dogs for the usual walk, my friend Caroline didnt make it this morning, we have been walking together for sometime now...she goes one mile I go two, she is recovering from a recent it was just me and the Girls~it's getting hot we are going to have to get out earlier! Later I ran the mower over the grass (mostly weeds all cut the same height to resemble and then I took a few shots of the flowers blooming in the yard...We dont have many but we have a variety!..

Stargazer Lily

This one looks like he is hiding his face -Gloriosa Daisy

The Great Crested Flycatcher is nesting in the old pasture
and yes they have a shed snake skin in their nest,
they chose one of the gourdes this year.

Never far from view is one of the many Fuzzy Felones of the feeders

This one is not far off ready for the pan!

A sweet Pea!

I love the deep violet of this day lilly

Here are the girls looking very happy!

Here they are having a race....

The Chase is on


  1. Great pictures Dixxie, really colourful.
    Love that Great Crested Flycatcher, a real beauty. And your dogs look very happy.
    Hope your 'walking' partner makes a quick recovery.

  2. A really lovely post Dixxe with some beautiful photos, lovely Flycatcher and your 'girls' are just beautiful! I love dogs so much.

    I left a long comment on your 'In the year 2025 if I'm still alive' post but it doesn't seem to have shown up for some reason, cutting it short it was just to say that I thought you had some very profound thoughts there, but that I would probably prefer not to know what might happen in the future and that I'm not good at managing my time, but I wish I was!

  3. Awww, the girls look wonderful. Lovely pictures of the flowers. My lily's are only just up through the ground and the sweet peas are only about two inches high.

  4. Hi Dixxe, I am a bit late but still I want to say how much I like the photo of the hidden bud of Gloriosa Daisy, it's wonderful...


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