Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Weekend

The Long Walk

Today my car is in the "chevy" hospital and im sure when I get the bill I will faint--I think the trip to TN unplugged a hole in the radiator that was clogged with 184,000 miles of gunk buildup--so while I try to avoid the phone call by tying up the phone line, I'll post up a few photos of what I did on the 4th which was take my Mom to a quiet lake and we had a picnic. After the eating I went off with my camera and left her to enjoy the solitude and the dragonflies.

Winged Reflections

On the way home we saw this huge field of sunflowers I had to stop for that!

4th 122


  1. Hope the car makes a good recovery; with a small bill.

    Beautiful shot of that Dragonfly; the wings seem to sparkle in the sun.
    And what a lovely sight, the field of sunflowers. They'd brighten any ones day.

  2. Great photos - especially that field of sunflowers! Very cheery!

  3. Love the Dragonfly and of course the cheery Sunflowers. Referring to your previous post, your dogs are gorgeous! We had a Labrador some years ago, when we had him he had been named Mike but we always called him Boo! I don't really remember now but I think it was because of the old song, Me And You And A Dog Named Boo.


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