Tuesday, July 28, 2009


FLY, originally uploaded by dixxebell.

Its been so hot, I haven’t been out with my camera...sweat dripping onto the digital screen is not a good thing! So with the heat comes afternoon and evening showers, this fly found a few drops of rain to drink on the deck planking!

It’s funny how with our naked eye (always wondered about that term) we cant see the beauty of the fly! The camera shows all the loveliness about the fly....those wings are amazing too, with that swept back neatly tucked look, this guy must be very attractive to a mate-- I have no clue if this is a male or female! Look at those iridescent colors of the large compound eyes! Image the size of those lenses! How would it feel to have eyes like that? Not like I’m making a wish here…lol but wow—just imagine!

Hopefully my modem is going to work now Ive been out of commission for a couple of days-


  1. What an amazing shot!
    And those eyes. Can't begin to imagine how the world looks to a fly.


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