Friday, July 10, 2009 horizons

The Corn is high around here these days, and I had to take a photo. Im very much Lately into putting a letterbox border on my photos and...stretching them a bit in Photoshop or Paintshop Pro. I call this the Field of Corny Dreams-LoL

Field of Corny Dreams

I use the digital software to create the designs that I sell as a textile designer and an artist of greeting cards for family, friends, and whomever wants one! I really love this corn photo! It has mystery and the sky was especially nice that day. I'm also a big fan of HDR processing. I have been practicing with Aperture settings and setting my +/- ...I'm exploring the darker side... I guess you could say. Here is a shot from yesterday.


I took my bike out for a ride, and about half way down the dirt road I heard and saw a Black and White Warbler! OF course I didnt bring my camera,,, so I went back later in the car and I pished and pished and he didnt show...Darn! So to amuse myself I started taking shots of various angles with bits of the car in it...I am sort of a car buff, but mostly vintage cars--
Speaking of cars...I sent my Calendar project to a who knows if I dont try I wont get anywhere!

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  1. Dixxe, I do love your 'Field of Corny Dreams', what a great angle, and pefect sky.
    That HDR of the Chevy is dam good too. I've never tried HDR; don't think I've got the patience, but that looks superb.

    Good luck with the calendar project. It deserves to be a success.


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