Sunday, May 31, 2009

A trip back to 1780's

Mural of the Conrwallis House at Historic Camden located on Broad St. Camden, SC

Even tho I live in the South and tons of Civil and Revolutionary War history lay at my feet I'm more into Ancient History. I do however run across much of the more recent American history when I take a day trip. So the very last South Carolina battle of the Civil War was fought in Boykin, but I never got the scoop on who won that battle...
Well doesnt matter...the main reason I visited Boykin was to see the old buildings and the mill pond! Oh did I mention they had a mill? A 1792 Grits and Meal Mill still in operation!!! Amazing right?
Boykin Mill c-1792

The mill pond with old us hwy 521 bridge over Swift Creek

An Anhinga flew over

Old Stores in Boykin

The Swift Creek Church c-1782

Its always fun to visit small towns, Boykin has a population of about 200 souls and I think they all have the last name of Boykin! This also home of the Boykin Spaniel a water retriever.


  1. What a beautiful old place that looks Dixxie. That mill looks great. I think I could spend ages soaking up that atmosphere.

  2. That mill is amazing - love the photos you got of this! This would be a great place to explore!!

  3. A wonderful old place, full of history, lovely photos, I loved the shot of the Anhinga, I've never heard of it. What a shame you didn't manage to get a photo of the Boykin Spaniel, that would have been nice.


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