Thursday, June 4, 2009


I'm having visions of grandeur about a lake surrounded by red sandstone cliffs carved by eons of time, wind, and water...Lake Powell. This September Im taking a little trip out west and I hope to visit Lake Powell. I wont be able to spend a week on a house boat like so many vacationers do, but I am planning a 1/2 boat tour of the lake that will include a stop and hike to Rainbow Bridge Arch. I cant wait so...the excitement got me to painting--this watercolor of what I think I will be seeing...a look into my future. I know I cant paint....thats why I prefer digital painting...but I try! I'm going to be doing more painting..I can Draw quite good, but then applying the color is not my thing...I have purchased a couple of types paper, some acrylics and a couple of canvases beware you will be seeing even more bad painting...I refuse to give up....

OK back to my mid-summers Day Dream.....I hope to see other fantastic formations. Another spot we will visit is called the wave! in a place called Coyote Buttes If you click this link you will see why I havent tried to paint this breath taking spot.
We have to apply for a day permit from the Bureau of Land Management of prior to going, they restrict use to only a few visitors a day. I booked my flight today!...I cant wait for September to arrive. I chose Fall for a couple of reasons, 1. ITS cooler! 2. I couldnt get out of other commitment's life has thrown me.

We will also see Monument Valley and many other natural wonders in the area of Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Today I have to wade through the quagmire of trying to get the best deal on a rental car ( I feel frustration coming on) so I can drive from the airport in Denver west about 200 miles to the Rocky Mountains where my Sister lives. I will take my laptop so maybe I can find Wi-Fi so I can upload my photos. I say MY photos cause last year we went to Utah, I took over 800 photos used up 2) 2 g cards...
My sis is the opposite of me, she took one of those cameras you turn into the store for developing, and she took 3 photos! They came out quite good tho!

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  1. That sounds like an amazing trip you've got planned Dixxie.
    I clicked the 'wave' link; what an incredible place. Never seen anything like it.
    I can see why it's called the 'Wave.'


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