Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kind Of a Blustery Day ~~~~

...a friend and I were to go birding today in a neighboring county, then on Friday the weather man said Cold and 20 mph winds for Saturday and being old birds sun loving chickadees ourselves we figured sitting on a cold bench trying to scarf down picnic food in the wind and attempting to focus binos on a bird hanging onto a swaying branch is NOT exactly fun---SO we postponed to next weekend...and HOPE for the better clymes then. I went about my day...DANG that weather man  I ought to string him up got cold and windy but not till late in the afternoon...Im pretty sure we would have gotten in a good day before the front hit....anyways I did a little birding around the house before errands.  The Junco's are still hanging around here..

dark-eyed junco

I love the matching pink beak and legs of these guys this is a male..the females are a lighter color not such a dark grey...and waiting his turn at the feeder is the White Throated Sparrow...

white throated sparrow

One of my favorite singers...he has about every shade of brown in his feathers and the yellow lores are a nice complement to his coloration.  They usually scratch around on the ground, but I notice more and more they are taking a turn up on the feeders.  They normally leave us when its time to breed.

The Brown Headed Cowbird is not a well like bird due to the parasitic behavior, but they are pretty birds..

A northern cardinal really stood out amongst the woods....we have had a good bunch of Cardinals..males and females, they do not migrate.

Then had to spend money run errands so on the way back stopped at my local lake there was NOT ONE water bird around...maybe some canada geese way back in the reeds I didnt hike over to the far side...but the water was pretty, with the Cyprus all lined up in the background...

 Goodale State Park

Then the weather changed up-- you can see the ripples in the water and it did get quite unpleasant with that cold wind so I didnt hang around..

I found a few items to add to the Dixxeland Express today....a wrap around screen for the 10x10 canopy, a folding "tailgate party" table, and some solar party lights---one more thing I need now is some "grass Carpet" a 10 x 10 foot piece I am looking for a really cheap one that I can fold up IM getting so excited---i did find a multi colored cheap rug and I'm pondering that one...
ITS almost time for a road trip. I am noticing gas prices are on the rise again.  ;0/

OH and a red shouldered hawk is attempting to build a nest in a tall pine near my yard...IF she continues I hope to be able to record some of her comings n goings...she may be faking it tho so we'll see...last weekend she was sqwaking and making a ruckus and found a good spot in a tree...



  1. Beautiful bird pictures Sondra; love that first one, the Junco.
    I seldom take any notice of our weathermen here; they're usually wrong lol
    That last shot is a beauty too.

  2. Sounds like you had a good day despite the weather... That is one adorable junco, gorgeous trees in the water shot, and ooh I hope the hawk does make a nest!

  3. Beautiful images! You may not have gone on your birding trip, but sounds like a good day anyway. I want a hawk to nest nearby me!! Red-shouldered Hawk was new to my life list this year. There are 2 that hang about this area.

  4. Great shots Sondra!
    I like your great finds for your "express". Cool!!!

  5. You made the most of your day anyway tho Sondra!! My daughter has a theory that the weather man should only get paid when he's accurate ;>)...

    It was even cold here in Florida all weekend. (In the 40s, really cold for here..getting better!)

  6. Wonderful collection of birds. The last shot is wonderful, looks like a beautiful place. Great shots!

  7. Great pics. Love that last shot.

    Have been catching up on your posts. That grave-yarding sure "unearths" some interesting history!!!!


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