Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trying Times....

This photo shows my purple martin houses, I do have another photo  taken  on a nice fall day but I couldnt find it, but found this one...

Can you see the very tall martin house? MY X is forcing this land be sold because he is  a  confused but anyways I   have 2 of them I am moving these bird houses so they wont be nested in till I can get them in a new location ...normally I  get E. bluebirds in one and Great Crested Flycatchers in the other...

MY wish is to keep the land as a sanctuary for animals wishes wont happen...i have a court date on Wednesday...oh the times that try a WOMAN's souls...

Went to Sesqui State Park yesterday with my best friend to clear my head... it was quite COOL and not much was going on bird wise, lately the weatherman has been way off base with his predictions!! WE did get the rain they promised on Friday...
so my friend and I went for a walk around the lake overhead we heard brown headed nuthatches, pine warblers, red bellied woodpeckers, but WAYYYY up high in the tall pines....out on the lake there were Pied Billed Grebes, some mallards and double crested cormorants dying on old pilings posts..

and of course the Canda Geese were around....they always co operate for a photo...

as we walked the trail around the lake we ran into some high water....from Fridays rain...

lots of robins in the grass looking for worms...

We didnt see a lot but it was nice to be outdoors after a hard week of work and dealing with crap'ola...I dont like lawyers, and I dont trust people who wear suits and heels so very stressful times for me...
I have to look at the big picture that we are meerly walking thru life and what has gone before and what will come after is not as important as  what we are doing at the MOMENT !



  1. Oh man, Sondra, sorry to hear about all the crap you are dealing with right now... Glad you're able to keep your head up- hope things work out and the suits and jerks don't win!

  2. Thanks Jen, its going to be a stellar year BUT first Ive got an asstroid field to get thru...:0)

  3. Hey Sondra....Jerk sounds way to kind if you ask me ..somehow X's just come out of nowhere now and then.. hang in there..maybe he will kick the bucket before Wednesday ; } lol!!
    Nice shot from the park ..I like that boardwalk..
    I hope Keith doesn't come by and see that you have a Cormorant dying(spell check..I think you meant drying) since there may be a culling of Cormorants there in the }}}

  4. Oh no, who needs that crud. So sorry about the Jerk. Smile to "the suits" and remember you have the outdoors waiting for you when it's all over. Nice to be where you can get outdoors for that beautiful walk - nobody can take that away from you.

    1. YES Im trying to look beyond all the bad and enjoy the good!!

  5. Hope your court proceedings go well Sondra. Such a shame that you can't have your way with that land.

    1. Thank you Adam, Hopefully it wont drag on too long!


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