Thursday, February 16, 2012

What do Vegans Eat?

I wish my laptop had screenshots, but for some reason it doesnt work, I thought there may be others who are wondering how to get the reply botton to show up under the comments...Sometimes you want to reply to a particular comment, and its kinda cool to be able to have it right under that comment..SO I saw a few blogs that had it but didnt know how it got there and neither did the BLog Owners when I asked!!

SO I went plundering thru the options and found if you're one of those who enjoys replying to comments on your blog in the thread, then this may be of use to you..

Sorry I dont have the screenshots to show you but its NOT that hard..
I am still using the old dashboard but I feel it will be found in the same way.

GO to Dashboard, and if you have more than one blog go to the Blog title you want to make this change on. and select Settings
So its Dashboard/Blog Title/settings
 then when it opens to the new view you will see a row of tabs with Comments, Settings, Design, Monetize, Stats, and below that a line of much the same but in Blue link type font. Select: Comments

scroll down to Comment Form Placement, and select the "Embed Below Post" and then Save and its DONE. 

So thats Dashboard/settings/comments/comment form placement/Embed Below Post/Save
so that was fun to find and now I have it enabled on my blog

Anyways so this post is not just about that...I get asked all the time What do Vegans eat? Most people get confused and think we spend all our time running around looking for "substitutes" for meat--ANK  not true!! Although I do eat some foods that are veggie substitues for some foods, its not important to find a substitute for "animal products"..just dont eat them period!!
So here is a typical meal at my table...

THis particular meal is a heaping pile of mixed organic greens, and fresh spinach with sliced red onions, Baby Bella Shrooms.(I make my own salad dressing using EVOlive Oil, balsamic vinegar, asian vinegar, low sodium soy sauce, lemon juice, some dehydrated garlic) and on the side a baked potato with fresh out of the garden chopped chives.

I love whole wheat flat bread toasted and sprinkle fresh parsley and garlic on it--and a wee bit of wine...
And thats WHAT Vegans eat, and trust me IM EATING GOOD!!!
OH did you know the rutabaga is from Sweden?

There is a small percentage of accidentals in my food, the only way I could be 100% instead of 99.9% vegan is to make ALL my own bread too...SO what I need is a bread machine, right?



  1. It all looks very appetising, Sondra and must be rich in vitamins, otherwise you wouldn't be so energetic with all that tree felling and mending cars etc. that I know you do.

    I missed a couple of your recent posts, I always seem to struggle to keep up with everyone :-( but I have enjoyed catching up and loved the photos in an earlier post of the Junco and the White-throated Sparrow also the lovely one of the lake.

  2. It does look appetising.
    But if I come to dinner, can I have a bigger glass of wine lol

    1. OF I try not to over indulge but sometimes a second glass has to be

  3. You read my mind about the "reply" button!! I've been very curious how to add it, but not curious enough to figure it out. Thank you kindly! Man I hate when people ask me what I eat. When I first went vegan my dad asked me if I had something against food.

    1. you're welcome my friend!! AND yeah people right away want to get Political when you tell them WHY you dont eat animals, they try to convince me that meat eating is "normal" and my answer is usually, "SO?" Im happy to be Ab-normal

  4. I am not a veggie Sondra but I do enjoy meals like yours.
    I am now rustling up a salad for tea..
    Take care xx

  5. The meal looks fabulous. I'm not a vegan yet but have been vegetarian for over thirty years. And yes, you're right, a lot of people want to get Political right away. I like your comment about happy to be Ab-normal, lol. I must say though that anyone who eats at my house are amazed that they get such good food without using animal or seafood.

  6. We're not quite as highly evolved! Flexitarians ;>)...leaning more and more toward vegetarian. Have family members who are vegans and have no problems making vegan meals for all of us -- it's easy because even when we do eat fish or chicken or eggs, our meal is centered on the veggies and salad. Parsnips look really good -- haven't tried them for years -- used to grow them back in our other life when we had a garden.


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