Thursday, February 23, 2012

County Life

Last week I had ONE trip to make to the neighboring was a bit overcast day...Look at all these pine trees in various stages of growth...around here Cotton and Pine Trees are a  cash crop!!  The Long Leaf Pine is native to our area...the tall ones  are about the right size to harvest.

In the Desert Southwest the sage brush creates a musky earthy smell...this broomsedge is kinda like that it creates an earthy fragrance..and its all over the place!!

back in the days of the tenant farms before the Dust Bowl and the depression, families lived in these small frame homes Field Side...of course we all know after reading the Grapes of Wrath that the tractor replaced the tenant farmers and a way of life was gone in the south the small frame structures remain...

I imagine this cabin could be made cozy again, with a woman's touch, some lace curtains at the window and few window boxes of red tulips--they say if you can imagine it you can create it..Im a firm believer of that!!

                                                                      Prosperous once

MY friend and I are gonna try to get together for some birding this weekend...(we've been trying the last 2 weeks) The weather should be nice not like Today it was 81 VERY MILD degrees but a bit of rain and then cooler air is headed our way... but the rain will be outta the way by Saturday morning...last week I got yet another northern Mocking bird to pose for me, they are not intimitaded by cameras or people with cameras!

I've seen this flock of Wild Turkey before in the same PLACE, so glad to see them again!

And my mom always calls this a Robin Redbreast, 



  1. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen or heard so many robins in one place!! This is a lovely post. I've seen these old homes scattered around the countryside and never realized that they are as you say. Makes perfect sense to me. I always wondered why they would have been abandoned - now I know. Beautiful photos!! ~karen

  2. Hi the pines and the grass combo, the colors are great!!
    I really like the branches on the tree frilly and artsy...and the little house could you some help,but it is so cute!!
    I have yet to catch up with the Mockingbird that has been here all winter...he goes of on his repertoire of bird sounds, and by the time I have located him he is of again!! "Bugger"
    So ..good for you on that one : }

  3. All these photos are just spectacular. I also live in an area (East Texas) where we have long-leaf pines and sagebrush in our meadows.

  4. Fantastic. I enjoyed looking at all these photos. My favorite is the third one. That tree is very poetic. Happy weekend. :)

  5. Ooh I love these photos- the first one espcially. That's a lotta robins in that tree!

  6. The top shot is fantastic! The small fluffy pine trees are lovely.

  7. A great little video clip... and your images are as always lovely to see..

  8. That Northern Mockingbird is a great capture Sondra; and I love that video. They can really turn up the volume! lol

  9. Missed a few posts, but want to thank you for posting the how to on comment replies. Now I can answer back! Your ability to "see" and share your surroundings in your posts is always an inspiration. I find myself seeing things and thinking about what Sondra would see. Also found it interesting to learn that you are vegan. I find myself moving more toward that direction myself.

  10. Wonderful birding! I've never seen so many robins at once -- the video does a fine job!~


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