Monday, February 6, 2012

a Spring Day!

ITs so warm this past weekend... I ate pancakes on my front porch the doors and widows thrown open and a warm breeze had the American Flag on the house flappin to and fro! Yeah I KNOW pancakes at 3 pm, how can I be so reckless? LOL I dont think its one of the deadly sins...but its possibly a cardinal sin. NO low cal syrup either!! JUST slurped it up and the girls licked the plate when I was me they didnt get much.

So its Spring here--

More Evidence...

Blue Moon 


 ...ran into a large flock of Grackles....

This Loggerhead Shrike was watching them and I believe he said the grackles reminded him of a honey something like that.


  1. Ooh awesome- love a good shrike! Funny about your pancakes- I made pancakes yesterday morning and made an extra one for the dogs. Forgot about it, went out birding, came home to a smashed plate and no pancake, haha. My own fault for leaving it on the counter!

  2. Always wanted to see a shrike! Awesome shot of the grackle and the moon! Thanks for sharing

  3. Such decadence; and why not lol
    It all sounds good to me :-)

    Signs of spring are all around here too. Let's hope it's goodbye winter.

  4. Oooh, Sondra, don't!!! So many foods I am not allowed now :-(

    We were fooled into thinking Spring was almost here... then we had heavy snow this weekend, thankfully most of it has gone now where I am.

    Love the Shrike pic and the blooms!

  5. HI Sondra..."Rub it in~~ "Rub it in"!!!! !!!!!! lol
    Oh that tree in bloom is really a beauty will be at least 3 month before we see that here..
    I am so glad you could just sit outside and enjoy you pancakes, and lick the dish...Hmmm I haven't done that in forever ...must have got out of that habit when I had to be an example to the
    It is 40 right now don't know how warm it will get, but eye Doc. app. so I won't get to enjoy much of it!!
    Enjoy ..I'm JEALOUS

  6. thats a very cheerie post Sondra

    Its cold over here

  7. The flower shot on top is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Thanks for the morning smile! And Happy Spring! I get a little envious this time of year b/c "no winter, no spring"... I mean, of course there are flowers here in Florida, but not the delicate lovely early spring blossoms. Life is full of trade-offs. And at least I get to look at your lovely pictures.

  9. and P.S. Thank you for the good wishes -- my eyes are seeing clearly now -- I'm happy I had it done and happy it is over.

  10. Surely pancakes are fine any time of day! Can't wait until spring manages to break its way through over here. Great photos.


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