Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Your Kicks...

IF you ever plan to Motor to the West,
Travel my way thats the highway thats the best...

lyrics to the song route 66 written by Bobby Troup

This was one of the first sections I traveled of Historic Route 66 on my recent trip. This shot is in Oklahoma, and thats one of the many family farms that dot the way along this route. I-40 has chopped up much of the old route, but I read that over 85 % is still in tact..I have never traveled along the northern parts of the 66-but that sure is a trip I want to do!

I love the song of the Meadowlark, these guys make their living along the edges of the Old Route as it winds through the heartland of America. This is west of Henryetta, OK

While I traveled the quiet rurals of Oklahoma along old 66 I ran into a really friendly fellow...he posed for a photo and then left me to my task of enjoying a piece of American History-

The sky is the star of the open range...and this sky was telling me to get moving!

The sky continued to grow dark as I exited I-40 again in Newkirk, NM I saw this wonderful little mission style chapel so of course thats a photo opt I couldnt pass by...wind, hail or whatever!!

Could not stop me from mailing my Route 66 postcard back home
right here in Newkirk

Along the old route are the remnants of a time when Americans were traveling the famous highway in record numbers from ....Chicago to LA! This vintage motel is still in use in Santa Rosa, NM.

La Mesa Motel 

For the Vintage Route 66 collectors, this museum is worth a look!! Check out this sofa!!

I always enjoy vintage CARS!! The WigWam Motel located in Holbrook, AZ right on the Historic 66 was quite a site!!

                   NOT just the WIG WAMS but there is a vintage car sitting in front of each unit..

And there was this one....

Now you go through Saint Looey Joplin, Missouri, And Oklahoma City is mighty pretty.
You see Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico,

The old Route is immortalized in this historic marker on the lawn at City Hall in Santa Rosa, NM where the old highway still thrives and helps to drive the economy of this fair town.

SO if you ever get the chance....GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66!


  1. Ah, brings back memories - or maybe just shows my age! :-)

  2. Great post Dixxe!
    I remember this song from my youth, performed by just about any decent band of the day. All those exotic sounding names along R66 stuck in my mind forever. Great to see them bought to life.
    Fantastic set of pictures; the light in the shot of the sky, amazing. And that sofa, wow!

  3. Beautiful shots and a great post! I would love to take that trip some day.

  4. Great pictures Dixie. Isn't that sofa wild, lol.


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