Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moab and Beyond


Ive got about 2 or 3 more story ideas to share from my trip...One is my trip thru Moab one of my favorite small towns in Utah. This is my third trip there and each time I find another reason to come back again. I finally got to go inside Tom Tills Gallery this time and I purchased 2 close out prints and one photo book of Zion Canyon since I was gonna be visiting the canyon a few days later...Tom's Gallery is awesome!! I enjoyed viewing all his work he had on display...he was not there at the time he was out of the country on a photo shoot-

Tom Till Gallery, Moab UT

I always love to take the drive along highway 128 out of Moab on my way up to I-70 to get to Colorado... The views are super...but right outside town is a bike/foot bridge that crosses the Colorado and there is a boat ramp just down from there and access to the water.

the footbridge Moab Utah

I walked across and found this lizard sunning on a rock, then heard a car screeching to a halt near me, and out jumped 2 big dogs who immediately jumped in the Colorado and went swimming!!


This is Harvard


and Queequeg--


they belong to Erik who told me he worked at Harvard for 10 yrs now sure what he did...I only accepted information he offered, he was a bit crusty but a colorful character and he loves his dogs!!


This area is chock full of beauty, there is ranching, recreation, and movie filming going on here! I happened up on a movie set while driving on a backroad in the Onion Creek Area!! All I can tell you is it will be a western movie...I saw men on horses dressed in Western garb...BUT I didnt have my camera ready to get that shot..the security gave me a hard look and waved me on, but I did get my camera and snap this shot of a couple of their trucks..I had no idea it was a movie location set!! I was out sightseeing and doing a bit of off

The Movie Set

Utah landscape

Off Rd Driving Utah

Utah Onion Ck Area

The road leaves the river behind near Cisco and the landscape opens up to wide open views the wild flowers were awesome!

Utah White caps

I dont know what these flowers is a close up..


And then here it one alongside a Mariposa Lily!

Mariposa Lilly n Friend

I know this is a stretch...but I love this straight road and the destination is awesome!!

Utah, Ranch Road


  1. Wow! That scenery is just stunning Dixxe.
    The last vista, the flowers, the mountains........I'd have a hard time leaving there lol

  2. Moab has been one of my favorite places for many years. Glad you got off the beaten path. I think the orange flower is a globe mallow.

  3. WOW! I have just caught up with this and your last post. What amazing photos and the scenery and sights you saw were just incredible, Dixxe! Everything is so very different from what we see in the UK.

    On the last post I loved the wigwams and the very striking sofa! My favourite though had to be the Meadowlark :)

    On this post the art gallery looked a great place to visit and I loved seeing Erik's dogs.

    The scenery is spectacular and cowboys on horses would have looked exactly right :) Those wildflowers were lovely too.

  4. Diana, are right I finally found a website dedicated to wildflowers of Utah and I found the Orange Globemallow----boy I looked and looked!!

  5. Lovely pictures! Moab is quite a place, both the town and the surroundings.

  6. Amazing photographs, just wonderful!


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