Monday, June 21, 2010

Apache Trails Weekend With a Friend

When I visited my friend in AZ we wanted to do some camping...neither of us have money to burn trust me every dime is cafefully accounted for---and since wilderness is always my main focus, I brought all my camping gear with me just so we could get out there and enjoy the outdoors!! She lives in a busy heavily populated area so we wanted to get out the city but not spend our entire time out driving--so we opted for a spot close by!!!

We stopped at the ranger station in town and got our camping permits...found out later we didn't really need them for the campground but we had them anyways...

On the way out of town we spotted this place called Apache Land. It has been the set for  many a western movies in the past and my man John Wayne  along with many others set foot on this same ground...that really made my day to think John Wayne walked right where I was walking--star struck

Cyndi goofing off...haha 

We chose to take the Apache Trails Scenic Byway which passes thru the Canyon Lake Recreation area, and then head south and around the Superstition Wilderness. The Superstitions are a mountain range in the area. Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short due to mechanical problems!! My car had an issue and had to spend 4 days in the garage so had planned to stay out 3 nights and 4 days had to shorten to 2 nights and 3 days!! BUT we didnt let that ruin our trip!!

We stopped at every over look I think I photographed every single Saguaro cacti standing between here and there I just love them!!! And not just them but all the desert plants!


We found a nice camp spot for our first night was at the far end of Canyon Lake in the Four Peaks Wilderness area. The lake is long and narrow but attracts many types of boats. We had no boat but we enjoy paddling in the edge of the water and watching the other boaters parade by!! 

I have to say I was not happy with the Generators that went on about dusk when I wanted to enjoy the sounds of the lake--I think all campgrounds should be separated tents in one area and rv and campers in another...We brought everything for "roughing" it, and the lady camped next to us had everything but the kitchen sink with her including a 12 cup coffee maker!! She served her husband a 4 course meal at breakfast, I guess there are many stages of rough---

Our set up....we left the tent in the shade and moved it closer to our table when the sun went down,,,


We had a nice sunset and then lit a bug candle while we sat out and finished up the day...we had so many people ask us if we were leaving...we felt like the hens and the fox was circling!  Yes but we wanted to take our own good time...
After breakfast we packed up..

Somebody snored all night....

So the next day we headed to quieter digs and traveled the byway south where it intersects near Globe, AZ and into the Pinal Mts. We had planned to camp in the Pioneer Pass area but it was FULL! Go Figure--WHAT a steep and narrow road it was going up there...I took only one photo cause there was no place to pull off and my friend was afraid for me to take my hands off the wheel for a UP at over 7,500 ft we finally found a spot to turn around--when the sign said "warning, 4 wheel drive only" we took it to heart.

From Pioneer Pass

SO we left that area and headed to Oak Flats which was down at 4,200 ft and a much quieter water nearby but the peace and quiet was a fair exchange!!! Lots of room 

                                                                         the rental car 

We took a little hike on the rocks nearby and then spent our last day sightseeing on the way back to town...

On the way back we stopped at the Apache Leap area where legend says a band of Apache jumped to their death rather than be captured and sent to a reservation...

 I did 2 posts on this weekend getaway because It's a wonderful memory of time spent with my  friend. 

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