Monday, June 7, 2010

Kansas -- Home

The last leg of my trip, the return home I decided to take a more northern route to avoid the heat so I started out by leaving Colorado and heading to Kansas and Missouri...the Rockies still have snow in the cracks and crevices

                                                      Leaving CO behind...:o(


 I always hate to leave Colorado behind so many beautiful landscapes in every direction you turn! Saw this horned lark at the edge of one gas stop I made...he was busy hunting insects


The open vastness of the prairie is always beautiful...


 And the Cities too...this is Kansas staddles Kansas and Missouri so its a shared city sort of..


 & the great colors of the grasslands is amazing-


 The wind blows wild n free there!


 The Western Kingbird saying goodbye--


And I took this photo of a mystery bird, and later I realized it's an English House Sparrow!!

 as John Denver said in his song..."Hey its good to be back home again"!! I arrived back on Friday just in time to see my son compete in his 5th Body Builders Competition, now this is what we all should look like-- he did a fantastic job with his body this yr..I'm very proud of his effort and his results!!



 Until my next adventure...something is always cooking in my little pee brain. Tomorrow is election day around here we are electing a new sherrif, a new governor, and lots of other "civil servants"...tongue in cheek!!


  1. Love those shots of the prairie, Dixxe. So much open space. And the first, with the snow capped mountains. It looks so unusual, the combination of blue sky, sunshine and snow :)

  2. Just discovered your blog, via your comments on Mobile Kodgers. What caught my attention was your thinking on the visitors from elsewhere. I've come up with the same belief, rarely if ever admitted to.
    Love your photos. I'll be stopping in to see what your up to and have to say.

  3. Dixxe,
    I'd like to communicate with you. send me an email at


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