Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blue Moon-New Year-

Blue Moon-, originally uploaded by dixxebell.

The last full moon of 2009 is almost at its peak (95% full)..and Its a Blue Moon!! Blue Moons are not really blue it simply means we had 2 full moons in one month!! The next one will come in 2012!
Its COLD outside here tonight---by our SC standards, found that out when I headed outside with my camera to shoot the moon!

My PC has a virus so....I dont know how much longer I'll be enjoying the luxury of its company--I will probably do a System Recovery soon----I cant do a system restore the virus has disabled that and I cant run Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool...or windows Defender bothhave been disabled by the Nasty Varmit... I tired to do an online virus scan and removal and that didnt work either!! Maybe a new PC is in my future? Things such as that do happen--- Once In A Blue Moon...lol

Happy New Year to all of you!!!


  1. So sorry to hear about your virus. I had one about a year ago, and it wouldn't let Norton do a scan. It eventually disappeared, but I'm not sure it had anything to do with what I did. Best of luck resolving yours!

  2. What a great shot of the moon. Sorry to hear about your virus. Wishing you a Happy New Year and hope it brings all good things to you.

  3. Great shot of the moon Dixxe.

    Hope you get shot of that virus. Nasty things. Mind you, good excuse to get a new PC lol

    All the best for the New Year.

  4. A Very Happy and Healthy New Year Dixxe.

    Lovely moon photo but sorry to hear of your computer virus, what a pain! For some reason my system restore hasn't worked for ages, I used to find it useful if I did something silly every now and again but it just won't work now, nothing to do with a virus though.


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