Sunday, January 3, 2010

Off to a good Start!

The saga of the PC Problems continue but Im taking a break from fighting the good fight to get rid of this virus I picked up. I have no clue where but I know I got it on Christmas Eve! Its a nasty little one that stops you from running your virus software, and your system restore...So its quite smart. I dont see the pleasure someone would gain in creating and releasing such a thing...makes me wonder if the software makers create these bugs to force us to purchase the antivirus software??? Something to ponder!

WELL its colder than a fill in the!! Today it got no warmer than 35 degrees and the wind has been pretty steady at 8-10 so there is a windchill I dont know the official numbers! My oldest friend has moved back to Arizona and I was a bit jealous when she told me the high there was 65 today!! Im sure our weather will be back to normal soon---we dont usually have really cold weather. I havent had much time to take shots with my new camera---seems Im always doing something else!! I do like it, although its heavier than the other one I was using. Here are some of my favorites so far!...See what you think--

My son goofing off he would die if he saw

Can you come a little closer? lol

A downy Woodpecker having a snack..

Downy WP

A Chinese Goose following me around---

Can you see me now?

This one I call step one of a one legged duck---this is one of my pet line mames more birds than you know..

Step one of a one legged duck!

And this one---I love the simplicity and bokeh

Hanging by a thread

Hope all who come by here to say hello are enjoying the new year so far!!
And I can share one tip here...when fishing if you have line to throw away--cut it into very small pieces before you put it in the trash...birds get entangled at landfills too!!


  1. Yes, why is it that perfect strangers read our blogs, but not our children.... :-))

    Love the photos, especially the goose. By the way, it was 75 here today in San Diego!

  2. Software makers creating viruses to force us to purchase the antivirus software? I reckon there could be some truth in that Dixxe.
    Hope you destroy the beast soon.

    That Downy Woodpecker looks very similar to our Grt. Spotted. Good capture.

    Got freezing temperatures here too. I shan't be sorry to see the back of it.


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