Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taking a Breather'

In honor of the global warming summit---we got the whole world in our hands-- NO matter what they come with--its really UP TO US to change the way we live and the way we do things..we have to demand that our leaders make the RIGHT decision for the future and follow through...we create our own reality!

I know Ive been MIA around here a lot lately and here is why--
No this is not my Christmas shipping list!! lol Ive been very tangled up with the swatch project I mentioned.... Its supposed to ship out on Friday and Ive got everything ready to go except my International shipping labels which turned out to be a nightmare! I was not informed of any bill of laddens or customs value or letters of commodity... and have no idea what any of that means...who knew it was so difficult to ship a box to France????? I think its easier to get yourself across a country border than it is to Fed Ex a box there.

So meanwhile my life is a mess with all these boxes waiting to go. Im still short 4 labels and awaiting the arrival of those today and hopefully Friday it will all go---but then 4 more big boxes of cardboard are arriving--its going to be an ongoing thing...A way to work from home and no STRESS...well after I get the International shipping figured out..lol

I did find some time to decorate the door and the girls got in on the fun too...not doing much more than a wee tree this yr..."KISS" is best--in my book.

Hang the Wreath

Flossie was clowning around..she grabbed those antlers and put 'em on head and said "Look at me"...yes she did!!

Does this make me look fat?

And then we went outside for a break and She refused to say AHHHHH...

Come on Flossie---- say ahhhhh like Annie

But my sweet Annie Boo Bear is a good girl and didnt let me down!
Hope all of you are in good spirits and enjoying your life!! Ileave on the 18th for 4 days of dog sitting again...Hopefully Ill update before that--I really wanted to do a 12 days of Christmas Photo Project--for fun!


  1. Hope you manage to get all those boxes and labels sorted out. I wouldn't know where to begin lol

    Lovely door decoration Dixxe. Did you make it yourself?
    And the last shot of the girls is a gem. Cries out for a caption.

  2. That Flossie sure is a genius!


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