Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seven Swans a Swimming

7 swans a' swimmin'

On the 7th day of Christmas My true love
gave to me...7 swans a swimming,

6 geese a lay-n, 5 gold rings...
4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree!

(I hope you're singing along!)

Today Im dog sitting in Greenville, SC and last evening we had freeZing rain and a dusting of snow that has already disappeared...I may actaully get to take the dogs for a walk later!! I will be here until Monday night! Its been harder than I thought to keep up the 12 Days of Christmas but I am enjoying the whole idea of doing something different!...Hope this weekend is working out for everyone of you!
I got myself a new P&S camera! If the sun ever comes out I may try to take a few photos!! lol--maybe the duck pond later if the sun stays out!!


  1. Quite a task, this 12 days of Christmas, and I'm enjoying everyone of them.
    New camera? What is it? Christmas treat for yourself?
    The best kind. ;)

  2. Hi Keith..yes I got another Kodak--I really cant afford a DSLR just now with the cost of all the extra lenses I would I opted for a larger pixel and 24X auto Zoom--It has manual capabilites but I cant change to a different lense. It comes with 26-640 mm equivalent auto focus lense. Its not bad...although it could have been made a bit studier for me. I think once I get used to it...I will enjoy using it!

  3. That sounds like a very capable camera. Great zoom range on it.
    Look forward to seeing some shots when you put it through its paces.


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