Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Beauty Way

Seeing the beauty in life is not always easy. Some people are pressed with their backs against the wall wide eyed looking for a way out...others like me have the yearn to do so much, but just ordinary circumstances get in the way of fulfilling all the desires of the soul. So when you can not go to beauty...bring beauty to you.

I try to be frugal and in my mind everyone has a God given right to live in peace and tranquility...Im so thankful to be living in peace, even tho- its not perfect and I get the feeling that many Americans live a life of slavery---slaves to the work a day life---getting 2 weeks out an entire year to spend time doing what brings beauty to them...
but still within reason we are free to walk away, free to make a choice, and free to see the beauty in what we do, and to do it because it brings beauty into our lives.

With all that said I thought of the beauty of an adobe...overlooking a red sandstone bluff, and each evening the sky is a spectrum of color as the Earth moves around the Sun...and I find myself enmeshed in beauty~

The Navajo say:

May there be beauty before us.

May there be beauty behind us.

May there be beauty above and below us.

May there be beauty all around us.

... find the center of harmony in the way you think, the way you live, and the way you bring what you desire into your life and therefore into your spirit...

Today I placed beauty in my heart and it gave me so much in return.

Maybe beauty is your impression--

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  1. Nice post Dixxie.
    Beauty is all around us, if we look for it.


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