Friday, June 3, 2022


Feels like August around here!  Already the tropics are misbehaving...
 not a  lot to write home about! ...A stop at Goodale SP offered me a look at this dad with two of his new arrivals out learning the ropes...

Eastern Bluebird---Can't think of anything cuter to see!

GIMMMeeee a worm. 

Also a young gator was out...He was about 2 ft so maybe he is 2 yrs old?

 the lily pad is not quite big enough...why do GATORS Always look mad?

And a young Mud Turtle was crossing the trail...

More Babies at the Bramblewood Ponds...

On the Homefront 

The Carolina Wrens fledged their second brood, 3 more wrens for our is one of the babes clinging to the screen porch wire trying to figure out where to go...with his little nub of a tail...

And this doe, was hiding behind a tree in the field beyond my front door,  but I think she either just gave birth or is about too.  She has milk. I wish she would drop her fawn in the field how cool it would be to see that...I saw one crossing the road!! He was so small I thought it was a cat...unfortunately I had no camera with me...

my veggie "pots garden" is doing fair...too early still for any squash I have bloom tho, my garden plants are like fort knox to keep out Squirrel! Im continuing to get a handful of sugar snap peas and green beans daily and the asparagus seems to be all but done, and the Genovese Sweet Basil is doing good I had to move it into the screen porch to keep grasshopper off it, ..I just pluck off what I need..


Hope all is fine on your homesteads!

Happy Platinum Jubilee to  Queen Elizabeth!

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello,
    Your plants are looking good, I love basil. The young birds are adorable. I especially love the sweet Bluebirds, they are so cute begging for food. The turtle is cute too. Great variety of birds and photos. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend!

    1. Thank you Eileen, it's that time of year when we get to see the new birds out making their mark on this planet...such a delight to see. Have a great weekend!

  2. I wanted to drop this link in for anyone who wishes to follow along on an Epic across country bike trip of 2 ladies, who call themselves Wander Women, its been a terrific journey so far this is the 3rd video they have put out and in this one they get closer to their first state line crossing! I sure am enjoying this beats Dateline reruns!

  3. baby blue birds are just to cute! WOW your garden is beautiful. My one squash plant turned out to be totally male! I have lots of basil also it is so easy to grown and I grow it in the house, tried another Rosemary and it quickly died just don't understand. How to you start asparagus? I love the stuff and it hasn't been the greatest at the stores lately.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Jo, thank you for your encouragement! I bought some Asparagus roots at Lowes in the garden center, they come in a bag much like day lillies, with the root in peat moss and they live outside year round. I put 3 in one pot its a 20 inch pot about 2 feet tall...its a pretty plant too with the airy greens that come on later...the spears normally show up in late February and keep going till about end of May..
      Hope your have a great weekend.

  4. May just zoomed by, the days seem to go by so quickly.
    We had a lovely weekend celebrating The Queens Platinum Jubilee.

    Lovely photographs on your post, the Eastern Bluebird is such a pretty looking bird.

    Wishing you a good week ahead.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, Thank you! we are so divided in this country we rarely celebrate anything as a Nation...I felt that Union when I was in Canada, they only fly ONE flag and it was something that you can feel!

  5. Your produce garden looks fine -- maybe not a huge harvest, but if you're picking what you need every day, that's better than most of us. ... My gosh, those bluebirds are simply an overdose of cute -- absolutely adorable. What a sweet series. ....and, I think your alligators probably just want to be in Florida, because "ours" often look to me like they're smiling.

    1. HI Sallie, I will point the gators to I-95 South teehee...the bluebirds are way too cute but they won't stay in this stage long, the parents have time for another brood, I cant be sure if they are at it again but maybe!! Enjoy humpday!


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