Friday, June 10, 2022

Lazy Week...

This has been one of those weeks where nothing went according to plan that happens sometimes...

no....not again with the R'coon troubles!

These female Ruby Throated Hummers are not bothered by the shovel that slipped on the wall and ended up right at their feeder...they are so brave and fearless...the squirrels chewed all the perches and some of the flowers off my new feeder, it's in pretty rough shape!

Ive been in misery for a couple months with my hip and finally am getting some help from a is really out of whack and hopefully with a couple treatments it will be as good as new, or good as OLD can be. 

 a couple of shots I took of the Pileated Woodpecker he was on the dead dogwood tree in the front yard...I don't want to cut the tree down cause it's always a great landing spot for birds and it's full of insect activity so that means protein for them too. 

Summer haze

I thought this was an interesting look at a Yellow Throated Warbler...

Red Winged Blackbirds are so fun to listen to and watch, especially the way they flash those red shoulders! 

Pitcher plants are fully grown and ready to go to work trapping the unwary insect...

This Blue Jay was so quiet and still 

While this Grey Catbird jumped up and sang a song for me...

We have thunder, sure hope we get some rain.  Our chances are 50%. Its been a very dry April and May!  The south has to have rains or the lush green disappears...

Anhinga at Bramblewood

The Lazy weather has arrived where it's hitting the 90's school is out, and the fish are jumping and the skeeters are biting and the ticks are begging to catch a ride. Two weeks till summer. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello,
    What a lovely variety of photos. The birds are beautiful, we left a dead tree for the woodpeckers. I hope the raccoon is not hanging out in your yard. Those darn squirrels have to ruin everything. I hope you get some rain, we had an evening of rain this week but we could use more rain. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend!

    1. HI EiLeen, I plan to prune the tree so the twigs will stop falling all over the yard but the main trunk and branches can stay till it falls on it's own is my plan...I don't know why it died...But I read dogwoods live 30-40 yrs this one was older than that.. I hope the r'coon was only passing thru!! We did some rain and yes we can use more too it's very dry at the moment. Happy Friday!

  2. Yellow throated warbler shot is fabulous. The wood peckers have done a number on my humming bird feeder, today when I went to check for food it was full of those nasty little ants so I will have to find another place to hang it until I get rid of the ants. Hope the racoon was just passing by on his way somewhere else.

    1. Hi Jo I ended up buying the feeder that has the Ant Mote on top the one in the has a little cup at the top that you fill with water and the ants cant make it to the feeder...Its amazing how they find everything...So far the raccoon was only spotted passing through so I got my fingers crossed!

    2. I have that little mote on mine but I usually cover the bottle and thus block the mote guess I'll have to leave it uncovered. I sprayed the post with vinegar and scrubbed the feeder really good.

    3. Hi Jo, I hope that works it's a good idea. They can be a real pain the biggest issue I have is with Squirrels! They destroy everything. One way to keep the woodpecker off is put the hummer feeder in a cage where the hummers can go in but not the sis gave me that tip she has lots of jays that overtake her feeders and that works...

  3. Sorry about your hip problems but pleased the chiropractor is helping.
    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    PS I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    1. Thank you Jan, I've had problems with my SI Joint for many years, since I was tossed from horses many times in my youth!! Now I pay the Piper! Have a good Thursday!

  4. Again sorry about your hip. I have been to SC a few times but never to the midlands. It is beautiful there.

    1. Hi Nicole, Thanks for visit and the comment. SC is a beautiful state it's small but diverse in that we have 4 major regions the coastal, the sandhills, the piedmont, and the mountains...Im in the sandhills region. The Hip thing is the worst injury I've had in long time and it is not giving up easily.


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