Friday, June 17, 2022

Hot Week!

This is one of those weeks where the heat kept me I have only a little to share in my post...
This Doe has been helping herself to my she ate down the Red Sedum don't know if it can regrow in time for unfortunate cause pollinators love it..I tried putting some unused wire planters over it to stop her next attack!! 

Fortunately she didn't eat the Phlox, the Susans' or the Zinnia...(yet)

And she doesnt seem to bother this old soap wort 

Or the Jalapeno peppers, but she has eaten the leaves off the cowhorn peppers! 

There is one Butternut Squash already on the vine, I will try to protect it by wrapping some mesh fabric around it...once the bloom falls off..

And I have my Zucchini and cucumber under wire for protection!  They have lots of bloom on...

The Big Hump Backed Whale Hosta she doesn't normally bother but the squirrels will rip the leaves up and bring into their nest If I don't keep them in check!

I think she has either just given birth or she is about to...

Her face is so dark...So Im gonna call her Mask! She has one small notch on her (r) ear but I have a deer named Nacho in Colorado so that name is taken! 

She is precious but I wish she would stay in the field...she attacks the yard just at lazy dogs are no help...they are always stretched out in the AC since its been over 100 all week!!

This is Nacho from 2017, in CO He is a mule deer. 

Eastern Kingbird on a clear blue sky day from last week...todays post was late, we lost our power yesterday when a strong storm hit, and so I had to finish getting it up this morning.  More and more severe weather wreaks havoc on mankind--are we prepared? I leave you with that burning question. Ciao. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. We are having hot and humid weather now too. I love the deer photos. She is a picky eater, maybe she only prefers eating certain plants. Great shot of the Kingbird. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen, it's been so dry with the heat and all I think she cant find any plump juicy things to eat..we got the rain but it arrived via a violent storm lightening that made the whole sky a bright white Wind and violent downpours it ran off before it could soak into the dry ground!! I hope I get to see her fawn...she is eating for 2.

  2. Mask, is a real beauty. She does look like she may be expecting. Maybe that's why she is eating your plants? At least you have enough chicken wire to incase the rest of the plants. I had gotten a notification that it was raining in my area so I ran out and nothing. Still calling for a storm to start at 7pm umm it's past that and no sign of anything coming. But it stayed below 100 today!

    1. HI Jo hope you get some rain, we get storms lately and not the gentle rain we need...Mask brought a friend with her yesterday they come to drink out of the bird bath and while they're they figure a snack is in

  3. Mask has quite an appetite. Interesting that she chooses to eat certain things and skip other items. I didn't know deers were picky eaters!

    1. Amazing right? Well they will eat the leaves off the pepper plants but not eat the pepper, and they rarely eat the Lantana plant either some plants are like just not tasty I guess...

  4. I like the name Mask ...
    Hope your weather cools down for you.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, I thought it was a fitting name for her, all the deer have a darkish face, but hers seems to cover her whole face...I can't wait to see her with a fawn.


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