Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trans Canada Highway

September 7 & 8
It is amazing to me how fast time is real time I'm practically HOME, I had an allotment of time to get this trip in and be back because my sis is about ready to head back to her home in Colorado! I was delayed with Annie's surgery and so I "amputated" the NY and Eastern Ontario part of my journey but it seems I just barely got in the rest of where I had planned to go and boy I've been on the move!  But it's all good altho I am now weary and ready to land for a while..If only I did not have a return by date....
Once I left the Pictured Rocks behind I was once again up in the Whitefish Bay area and getting ready to head to Sault Ste Marie and cross to Canada.  Timing is everything due to the fact that fall comes early to the Northwoods,  and the Provincial Parks where I had planned to camp have early closing dates! There was one more stop for me to make, Iroquois Lighthouse!  I camped at the Bay View Campground near the Dollar Settlement.  

not much of a photo but it does show the size of the camp spaces! The camp is right on the shores of the Lake and Whitefish Bay, it was one of those rainy foggy days when I was there...

even these common mergansers look lost in the white fog....

one can see why these lighthouses are so important to navigate the narrow bay area...This lighthouse Im headed for is very easy to get to just drive right up to it!!

it was built in 1857 and the wood replaced with brick in 1870, it was replaced in 1962 with an unmanned station out in the bay...and now its a public historic place to see!   It is FREE! I walked up the 75 or so steps to the top...

here's the view the glass could use a cleaning!!

I found the 1950's museum in the downstairs house to be fascinating as that's the decade of my birth!!  It was like going back in time to my childhood.

Casey and I took a stroll along the beach and checked out some rocks....

and Casey sniffed out this dead what looks like a crayfish to me...

then we rolled on down the coast and passed eventually the Soo Locks there is a tour but I didnt stop its a huge place they even have an RV was packed!

not my cup of onward we went and crossed the border.

and on the other side I was on the Trans Canada Highway #17B.  I did stop in Brimley Michigan and get some Canadian money...I stopped at this view point of the Chippewa River a few miles down 17. 

the trees are amazing I love evergreens and they are in every shade of green along the highway...someone lost their travel trailer to the side of the road!! Probably high winds!

We made our fist camp at Pancake Bay Provincial Park which is similar to our start cost the same fee in each park, $42.15 Canadian for electric sites, and $36.25 for non electric.  Now with the exchange rate this is about $25-28 US as best I could tell.  Here is my view of Pancake Bay ...we got here in the mid afternoon took a long walk around and then I needed to rest!

My trip around Lake Superior was made up of 3 basic elements....Water, Wind, and Woods! 

the water was about 40F which is about 8C? And yet...

my hat is off to these hardy souls...we had a wonderful sunset that night but before it began to set it set the woods on fire with COLOR!

we watched the sun set and the moon rise it was a perfect half moon...

the perfect way to end a long day! 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I love all these places you have found. I am so enjoying this trip as I do all of your adventures. You sure know how to travel

    1. Thank you so much Jo I always enjoy your comments and Visiting your BLOG! It's fun to just see what is out there to find!

  2. Such cool places to stop and explore! No problem crossing the border?

    1. None what so ever...I just drove up and he asked me a couple of ?? simple like do you have an weapons and that was it! On the way back into the USA he wanted to check my dog food!

  3. You are moving rather quickly. Love the 50s kitchen. I guess that is pretty close to the kitchen of my youth.

    1. I know the season was really closing down in the North-woods.

  4. Kitchen looks like ours when we were first married -- closer to 1960 than 1950, but we were using our parents' castoffs ;>) pretty time of year to travel even though you were hustling right along; I'm betting you would have had to hurry anyway, because don't a lot of parks in that part of the country close down the first of October?


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