Sunday, September 18, 2016

Seney WLR, Michigan's UP

I had the Mackinac bridge in my rearview mirror as I headed west on Hwy 2 a scenic byway of the Northwestern shores of Lake Michigan.  It was a bit windy and hazy on that Monday.  I stopped at many roadside overlooks and took photos..this one had a distant Lighthouse...there are MANY Lighthouses in the Upper Peninsula...this one as I found out is Epoufette. 

and a little closer...

I saw some movement in these reeds and pulled over for a closer look..the golden rods were at peak in this area...

But this is what I saw moving in the distance.  He was way in the back just beyond the water on the left...

sandhill crane

Only one alone....solo traveler like me!  I turned and headed up highway 77 north to Seney Wildlife Refuge.  There was a Unit up at Whitefish bay and I did walk that section.  I spotted a couple red breasted nuthatches, but that was about it...many were out with scopes looking for piping plovers I thought I saw one but the fellow with a scope shot down my theory and said its a killdeer...oh shucks.

I saw more Red Breasted Nuthatches on the boardwalk trail also. 

There is so much fresh water up here it amazes me to think we could ever run out of water? Every 5 ft there is a lake or pond or swamp...its amazing!  I saw other forest birds on the boardwalk and the trails leading off these guys.

the black capped chickadee

the yellow rumped warbler

the Hermit Thrush

the swamp sparrow

and more red squirrel

they run right in front of you then up to a tree to  The trail was lined with rose hips I bet it was awesome when these wild roses were blooming..

There is a nice visitors center and they showed us a movie too..

It's surrounded by water on 3 sides, I saw this line of wood ducks..

After the boardwalk hike I did the Marshland Drive its 7 miles in length...and there is water everywhere...

there's over 70 Trumpeter Swans that call these waters home...

the reddish on the neck is caused by the tannin in the water...One of my very favorite birds here was the common loon still in breeding plumage!

there were pied billed grebes and rind necked ducks around too...I am guessing theses are imm. ring necked as I don't see the band on the beak that is normally there. 

a  Eagle was on the nest while the mate hunted...

so many beautiful landscapes were around every corner...

Once I had finished the marshland drive I continued north on 77 to find camping for the night.  I had seen a little dot on the Map for a Forest Service camp not far away...East Fox River.   So thats where  I ended this day.  Got a good spot right close to this small lake...

had a small balcony for fishing and for ma  place to sit and relax 

there was resident Mallards...

and what's this??? Not one but 2 River Otters!

I enjoyed watching them for a while and then they realized I was there and began to hiss at me...check out this video..

I've been lucky with getting sites with electric lately and wifi has worked. Hope this trend continues as I have a lot to share and it gives me something to do when the sun goes down besides listen to Casey snore...
..In real time I'm about 2 weeks behind with the blogging... and I've covered many miles!! AND Im still many miles from home.  As of today (9/18)  I have about 14-15 days to get my tuckus back home.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. These pictures are just awesome and what great places you have found. All the birds! I love otters they are very amusing little critters. Just sit here ooing and aaing.

    1. It was so cool to see those otters!!

  2. Thanks for the route directions. I never realised that the Red Squirrel was in the US, I thought that they were only in Europe. The Grey Squirrel here was originally imported from the US and has diminished the red squirrel population to the extend that its only found in Northern UK and in a couple of remote areas of England. The greys are better foragers than the reds and so have taken away their food sources. Otters are wonderful to watch, so graceful. I bet its getting much colder now, especially in the nights, as you head North.

    1. At my home I have the Grey Squirrel, it is quite hard to live with sometimes!! It has been much colder up where I've been...

  3. keep on traveling and having fun; this was a marvelous day for you (and for us, thanks for sharing) ... great birding, beautiful and green and yes, the wonderful water (the trouble of course is it isn't distributed quite evenly over the world). I could happily spend days in this area.

    1. I am amazed at how much water is here! I love the evergreen trees they all look like Bob Ross painted them!

  4. Another place I missed! Yeah, those otters can be mean.

  5. Another place I missed! Yeah, those otters can be mean.


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