Friday, September 30, 2016

Neys Bay, Ontario

My plan was to spend 6 days and 5 nights traveling around the North Shore of Lake Superior...this would put me just right for the closing dates on some of the parks of Sept 18th.  After Pancake Bay Casey and I continued to head West on the Trans Canada Highway around the lake.  The amount of wilderness is just amazing! Miles and miles of raw and untouched wilderness. 

...I saw signs for Agawa Native Rock Art Park.  So I decided to make the hike.  A day use fee was paid to an iron ranger of $7.50 CA...After the first section of the hike came upon this sign!!

Hmmm.  I just happened to be hiking at the same time 2 other ladies, a mother and daughter from Manitoba were hiking,... so we arrived at the rock wall at the same time... 

The hike was tough! All rocks and boulders and pretty steep! 

Once we got to the rock wall where many years ago Ojibwa people had canoed up to this rocky shoreline and drew their renditions on the rocks, we found this chain it was a safety hold chain.  Unfortunately the lake is very close to this rock ledge one has to walk out on and it's extremely slippery!! I held onto the chain you see here and still I slipped and fell...Fortunately I held on and didn't fall into the water!! I got a look at only these 2 glyphs...The chain takes you to where the rock jutts out as you see here.  The mother and daughter decided not to try it...

SO that was thrilling not...I had a nice bruise for my trouble, and scared the B-Jesus outta my hiking comrades! They both thought I was a goner...but I knew I was okay, I got up and slowly made my way back to safer footing after snapping this photo.  If I had been able to continue on around the rocky cliff, dozens more of this fab art was visible...but it was not worth the risk. 

The hike back was uneventful...once  at our vehicles we had a good laugh about the whole incident...but the young girl who looked about 14 yrs old was very distressed when I fell....I reassured her I was not a fool hearted person who takes risks, it was just too slippery for the shoes I was wearing! 

Back on the highway I stopped for the rest of the day at Neys Provincial Park.   I met a woman who was also camping in her Chevy van, she was 73 yrs old and from Toronto and on her way to Vancouver Island to visit her son and his wife.

  She said she loved to travel alone, enjoyed the freedom of being solo and I understand that; we chatted about the fear that many have and how we have overcome that fear, travel as far as we like then stop when and where we wish.  It was nice to have someone to compare ideas with and to see her 10 yrs my senior still enjoying solo traveling!

Neys had a cold wind blowing but I did some beach combing and then watched the sunset it was amazing!!

dogs are not allowed on the beach, so Casey napped and I walked him later before it got completely dark. 

the next morning our westward journey continued...there are MANY pullouts with amazing views of the rocky coastline and the beautiful woods that thrive right by the waters edge of Lake Superior. 

Along the way I pulled into the town of Terrace Bay.  They put this light house up to try and entice tourists to stop! In my case it was the boast of a waterfall and free WiFi in the town center!! I wrote one of my blogs while visiting this town.  I was able to purchase some Canadian stamps to mail some postcards back home...and I got information about the waterfall, got gas for the van, and some more Canadian Currency at an ATM in the bank Foyer, it was Saturday and the bank was closed.  

the town had some cool murals I liked this one..

Then I drove to the Aguasabon Falls and Gorge.   A very easy boardwalk to a viewing platform.  There was not a great view of the falls, a better view could be had on the right side of the gorge but that trail was closed. Still it was an amazing view!

back on the Trans Canada Highway it was more wonderful scenery as I continued making westerly progress..

including some amazing overlooks of the Trans Canada Railroad right of way!!

Kababeka Falls Provincial Park was my next planned area to explore. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Such beauty everywhere. What a hike that was. But the pictures are fantastic.

    1. Hi Jo, I really was disappointed that I didn't get to see more of the rock art! I have to say the literature did not Portray the "ledge" as dangerous it was obviously a sort of bait and slip kind of thing! I don't think anyone who was there that day made it any farther than I did.

  2. Beautiful...beautiful! But your fall on the way to those cool pictographs would have scared the bejesus out of me too...almost did just reading about it even tho obviously you are OK.... Be careful out there.

    1. I had pain outta my left arm since then! AND the bruise is still was a deep stone bruise.

  3. It's so easy to slip on wet rocks, no matter how careful you are. But then thats accidents for you sometimes no matter how careful you are s**t happens.

    1. YEP and S**T did happen for sure lol...I was just happy I didnt break anything!

  4. We did that route one year with the WINs. Lots of pretty scenery and hikes. We missed that dangerous one, though.

    1. It wold have been a great treat to see those is what the website says so I should have checked this first Lake Superior was NOT calm the day I was there.

  5. That gorge shot is AMAZING. Sorry to hear about the fall but glad you grabbed that chain! I'm always tripping and slipping while looking every which way but down. Cool pictographs!!


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