Sunday, December 27, 2015

Could this be the Last...

Full Moon to fall on Christmas in my lifetime?
Christmas day I had a good get together with family I cooked for 2 days to prepare dinner for 7...glad it was successful now happy its over and done!  Soon as it was dark I headed out to do something I love doing alone...

60 sec exposure of the moving clouds with moon behind
with my camera to see and record the Rare Christmas Full Moon!  What I read is: this is the first moon to fall on Christmas day since the new 25,000 year cosmic cycle that began in 2012...remember the Mayan calendar thing? So there will be other magnificent celestial events occurring some we have no recorded history of!! Gosh makes me want to live forever...I really hate to miss the most awesome things that are coming!! 

more clouds moving over the moon

It is a 19 year cycle...only we have not had one to actually fall on Christmas day since 1979 due to leap year moving the date around...We had some heavy cloud cover but then the sky brightened and I was so GLAD!  

I took a few long exposures of the moving clouds while I waited it was an amazing night.  The stars were quite bright in the clearing patches..

We won't see another full moon fall on Christmas day until the year 2034...

Some of us will be around to see it some of us won't If I'm still here I will be 81 my Mom is 91 so it is possible...

But when you're 91 you are not too keen on going out to stand in the middle of the road at night...;O/ to shoot the moon...

 I want to be one of the ones who does...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Love the pictures that is a great camera. No I don't think I will be wanting to stand in the road at 90 haha. I didn't do it this time it has been so darn cold here I hate leaving during the day.

    1. I am still enjoying my Panasonic camera, I also have a Kodak, I use to take most of my project photos as it gets paint, dust and all sorts of crap on it! This Panasonic is not an expensive camera either it has a couple of no guess work night shooting settings. I use the A=aperture setting and the M=manual setting for the zoomed shots of the moon, and the 60 second delay for the night sky shots.

  2. Sondra! I will be happy if I just get outside to see every full moon for the rest of my life! I hope you do see the next Christmas one, don't see why you shouldn't! Beautiful pictures of this one! Thanks for sharing ... I wasn't in as good a place ( and m not as good a photographer) )))!

    1. So do I; hope to see each full moon, each one is special! Happy new yr to you both!

  3. We saw the moon too and our jaws was such a beautiful evening and lit our way back to Ohio from Indiana. GREAT PICTURES!!!

    1. It was a lovely one Im glad the clouds had some holes so I could get a good look see!


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