Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bath update!

I'm currently working on the Bathroom...

NO I'm not a carpenter, but big I'm building something anyway! Here is the floor its a pine tongue n groove its all in now I need to update this photo...but I covered it over with some old rugs to protect it while I continue to work in the Ill have to photo it later in the finished stage. I plan to try and match the natural finish like the existing floor... I put this ac vent here for a reason...before the duct work underneath blocked the access for plumbers to get in and do any repairs now it does not...I will put a rug over it with a loose weave and the air can still make it through Besides the heat and ac unit is NOT working so until that is replaced space heat n cooling will have to do..I put insulation in the exterior wall and used some of the rigid foam panels in the interior walls..

 I swore off sheetrock or dry wall as they call it...I ate enough of that fine dust to choke a cow so I decided to go with bead board on the walls. I inspected all the wood they offered at Lowes and went with the bare unpainted one due to its sturdiness...those floppy sheets of paneling are like handling fabric it droops n falls on your head while you're trying to stand it in this is rigid bead board wood panel sheets! I've finished nailing up the wood panels,
walls. 005
and caulked the seams, put up the crown molding, and painted that.. I've primed the walls (I did that today).  I did not use the original trim around the window, it was in bad I went with this kinda artsy stuff...its up and painted it will need a second coat.

...can you see the slight blue color just around the window? Its very pale, that is the color I selected for the wall.

I purchased the tile to put around the tub...I really HOPE I made the right color choice..

I am using a 12 x 12 tile (forgot to photo those) in  white as my main tile, its not a glazed tile it has a matte finish, it was on sale for 42c each I am using the 2 x 3 tiles as an accent border I will cut it in a row of 2 tiles and put it about half way or maybe at the level of the shelf? And the 3 x 12 bull nose is for the sides and top they did not have the bull nose in the matching white...I will also use the sheets of 2 x 3" for the top of that shelf at the back of the tub. Tomorrow I will finish the wall painting and put in the baseboards, and I have to come up with some sort of door for the little shelf/cabinet behind the tub...I have some old cabinet doors maybe I can cut one down and use it?  I got them FREE and have made a few other projects with the wood.

Once the painting and tiling is done I will purchase the toilet I'm going with a tall oval bowl ...and install it prior to the vanity since it will be easier to work in that corner without the vanity in the way.  I hope I can do that job...I've never put one in by myself, I've always had a helper...maybe I can get my son to help me, he owes me money sooooo...:o)
Still a lot of work left to do in this bath but its moving along faster than I thought it the hard part starts the tiling and grouting.  I have to rent a tile cutter I've used one before it's no fun but I think I can do it..therefore I can!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You are so motivated! I can't believe how much you accomplish. You must be like a whirling dervish when you get in the groove. Love the bead board. Makes it look old fashioned and homey! XO

  2. I am a little bit over active I enjoying my kick back time so much more after a day of "progress" being made!

  3. Love the tile can't wait to see it done. The bead board is really nice and the color you picked for the walls will look great with the tile.

    1. Thanks Jo, I hope it will look cohesive when its all together...I finished up painting the wall NOW I have to get busy with the tile!!

  4. You can do anything you darn well please, as you've showed us throughout this project. And as always I'm in awe. It's gonna be beautiful. Kind of hard getting back to the job after that lovely vacation I should imagine!

    1. Very but you know the great memories float right around in my head while I work and it makes the work go faster! I'm taking today (Sat) off...I realize when Im working on my own projects I work every day when I got paid to work I grumped if I had to stay one hr later LOL.
      I have to figure out the tile layout then rent the tile cutter...and get busy!


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