Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lava Beds & the Modocs

I had planned to go south to Mt Shasta after leaving Crater Lake but chose instead to go to the Lower Klamath and the Tule Lake NWR's to do some birding BOY Im glad I did (see the post before this one if you missed it)..Seeing different birds has been one of the highlights for me on this trip and I increased my life list by nearly 30 could be more I have gull photos to pour over and try to ID.  Actually this drive is called the Volcanic Legacy Scenic ByWay! Between the 2 refuges not exactly geographically but close by is the Lava Beds National Monument! 
I stayed 2 days in the campground it was a nice one we had a nice BIG site the CG has 2 loops, Loop A was reserved for the Modoc Indian Tribe and it was time for their annual event a sort of run from a distant flat topped mesa to the campground in remembrance of the Modoc War 1872-73 with the Klamath tribes. 

 This park was once part of their homeland...On Saturday morning sunrise... I arose to the sounds of native drums and was quite nice! Then they all left for their reinactment...

later just before sunset the young runners returned in a large group and ran into the campground hooping and hollering and celebrating their victory..that night they had a dance, drum and song it was a private affair and they ended the party at 10 so that was good..  

We had a Townsend's Solitary come to visit our campsite right around breakfast time...A new bird for me!

This is another wonderful area where volcanic activity is so vividly presented and preserved for us to learn from...

It is however difficult for me to photograph it to where you can get the idea of just how cool it really is! I think this is where they shot the Moon Landing...the fact is there's basically 3 types of  lava the A'a is like cinders or chunks of volcanic rock its light as a feather too!! This video shows that...

Visiting the volcanic parks I've been to on this trip has been a geology lesson for me! Another type of flow is more smooth like this...

And I like these smooth cinder cones mountains  too...

...this flow is what they refer to as Ropy since it kind of looks like a coiled rope it was thrusting upward...Can you just imagine the sounds, the steam, and the smell as this lava oozed out to later became this rock?

Flickr ate my photo

I think they call this type Aa. 

We picnicked near some lava tubes and cinder cones and Casey explored this lava tube that was easy to go through...for him anyways...

We sat at one of the tables made by the CCC back in the mid 1930's...the sign nearby said the tables were made from wood cut at Oregon Caves National Monument! Still very sturdy...

If you like going into caves you might like these caves which are really huge lava tubes...I hiked to Skull Cave. I did go just into the entrance but caving is really not something I enjoy so after a quick look inside I was ready to get back out in the sunlight!

Here is a short video of the entrance...

There was a small herd of about 4 deer rambling along side one of the parks side roads, at least 2 of the roads are wildlife viewing areas alongside Tule Lake...

There were many trials I didn't take and a few roads I didnt explore but I did on my way out of the park stop at Pertoglyph Point. The story is that once an ancient lake ( I think maybe Tule Lake since its so close by) lapped up against these rocks and ancient people in their ancient river crafts paddled up alongside the rocks and drew this art. of course later along comes graffiti wannabes and added their scrawls to the now the rock is surrounded by an ugly chain link fence! 

And of course birds make these rocks their homes I saw many kestrels flying away when I arrived and it looks like a great swallow nesting area too...

I enjoyed beautiful sunsets and sun rises here....then we headed South again..

I'm headed back to SC and I will have to finish up posting about the great places I visited when I arrive back there till then be safe everyone!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Had to rush through this post since the computer guy is coming to pick up my laptop to do a clean up and install a new hard drive since this one is old now and getting close to being a crash. So I will be back in a few days to really enjoy this more.

    1. Wow you'll be humming like a brand new machine when all that gets done..

  2. That was quite an adventure at the campground. I really like lava beds, but don't like the tubes either. Scary.

    1. I didn't have a decent flashlight for I went ta s far as the natural light of the entrance would allow!! Must put a bigger flashlight in my Kit cause who knows when one could need one?

  3. Travel safe! Lovely serendipity to hear the drum music and learn about this event ( esp since the music ended at a reasonable time). Isn't the landscape eerie and wonderful! Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip when you get home.

    1. It was nice they were very respectful of the campground R&R's. I arrived home yesterday and my posts will wrap up soon...cause I have a TON of yard debris to clean up....Learned a lesson on this one next time no friend House Sitter, I will PAY someone to come in an keep things in order, it would have been cheaper than 2 months of utilities we paid!

  4. Sondra the guy didn't move my Chrome over and now having big time issues and can't get to my blog have to sign in diferent to add comments
    Jo momslittlerunaway

    1. Oh darn...don't you hate computer issues...It's currently raining so I can't unload my van...I miss the Wide open and clear skies of the west already!!


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