Monday, October 12, 2015

HOH and more....

Back on Highway 101 I resupplied in Port Angeles at a huge Walmart it was exhausting but I needed more flannel wear to beat the chill so it took all more fuel for my new Butane stove...

cooking veggie links for breakfast 

I continued on to the Olympic National Park...along the way we stopped at Cresent Lake a very pretty blue green HUGE lake!  There is camping there but it was too early in the day for me to stop.  

When I stopped to stretch my legs this fellow came up for a look n see Casey loved this guy!

Finally made it to Olympic National Park. This park is huge I saw a fraction of it...Im not wild about being under such a thick canopy that you can't see the sky but this place has some amazing trees, mosses, and ferns!  I took a hike on the hanging moss trail it was not only full of moss but I chased down a red bellied sapsucker too! My photos were blurry just not enough light!

Here is a spot of light.

LOTS of robins watched my progress along the trail and at least one other critter...

If I had these in my yard I'd need a smaller cage!

the hanging moss!

It was a very easy trail with only 50 ft elev. gain...

I camped at the Hoh Rain Forest CG and over head were lots of chestnut backed chickadees...I was able to get this one not so good photo of one..

Casey and I camped right by the Hoh river it was awesome to hear the water rush by

Just beyond that log you can barely see in the back of this photo.... is the river!

and there was a small pond nearby with some mallards and pied billed grebes...the trees were starting to turn here..

This gray Jay decided if I wasnt going to share he'd just fly down and take what he wanted!!

The river was quite beautiful and clear..

When we left Hoh we continued on around the coast of Washington, and we camped near Rialto Beach...

Then Ruby Beach where some awesome rock formations were found..

the Destruction Island LH was visible...

It was my birthday so I splurged and stayed in a cabin by the sea at Kalaloch Lodge...

And we beach combed and enjoyed the sea all day and the next morning I had breakfast in the lodge...

found some cool tide pools to explore sea anemones and sea stars!!

Quite a nice birthday...this is the view from the cliffside...
Im so far behind with the blogging I've had very little Internet with my Verizon WiFi so it is what it is!
I will catch up with all of  you when I can I did spend a lot of time uploading photos last night since I have net right now but Im moving on soon as I hit send on just have to wonder where in the world is Sondra!...:o) till I get caught up!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Don't worry about being caught up - I never am. Enjoy!

    1. Its I hope my memory holds out till I get it all written down..

  2. Beautiful pictures! Don't worry about being caught up - I never am. Enjoy!

  3. I grow more and more envious with each and every post! Gorgeous pics! What a way to spend your birthday! Happy birthday week! XO

    1. Heck I envy you every time I see you in a kayak...and those beautiful quilts you make gives me "sew" envy

  4. Happy Birthday Sondra, you sure are having a great adventure and I wish I was going too but at least I am enjoying your posts.

    1. JO you will be out there before you know it.

  5. Aw happy birthday!!!!!! If you had Douglas squirrels in your yard you wouldn't need a cage at all- they're a THOUSAND times better than the grays and foxes! Thanks for the gorgeous virtual coastal tour!

    1. Aw thanks! Im glad you knew the squirrel I had no idea what it was called!

  6. Happy belated birthday ... Great place to be and a beautiful record of the area through your lovely pictures. Nothing like the rain forest, especially when it's not actually raining! Happy travels!

  7. Happy birthday! You certainly had some gorgeous camping spots.


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