Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ft Flagler to Fat Smitty's

On 9/25 I headed north with the rain on the day I left Mt Rainier.  I had no particular destination in mind just eventually get on 101 Pacific Coast highway and to Olympic National Park. 

I ended up in the area of Port Townsend..and spent the night camped at Ft Flagler on the tippy top edge of Marrowstone Island.  Everyone said take a ferry...but I don't really like being on ships so I didn't ...I watched everyone go back and forth to other islands packed on the ferry from the tranquility of Marrowstone!  

We watched the fishing boats come in with the catch of the day.

Casey and I scoped it out pretty good the lower section of the CG was full so up on the cliff we went where it was all open and quiet. After getting settled in site 2A right by the bathrooms we walked down by the water ...We saw information posted about how Pigeon Guillemot nests here during breeding season so If you wanna see them come to Ft Flagler in spring...they dig a nest in the cliff face...

So we explored the islands shore and watched some Harlequin Ducks dabble around, about a dozen altogether...as well as common loons & cormorants!

...and SO many gulls!!! I think it was a gull rookery as there were so many young California Gulls.  

I thought of Diana's love of rust when I saw this, looks like some of my nailing jobs!

Later we watched an awesome sunset...it set the cliff ablaze with dusky color!

I wanted to visit the Naval Museum in Bremerton but parking was not to be found in an area where I would leave my van,,,and the parking garage was too short! 6'8"? So we drove on to Port Townsend and poked around I saw this group of Heermann's Gulls new  for me..

 then through Sequim famous for the lavender farms...

And I enjoyed seeing this artwork in the native style there was a gallery but $$$

We found camping at Dungeness State Recreation Area where a gentleman and I discussed the pros and cons of his using his generator in close proximity to my camp site *&^%$#  I won  that battle when  I asked how long did he intend to be making that terrible racket??
 ...after breakfast Casey and I hiked down  onto the spit to see the lighthouse. It may be hard to see but if you look at this strip of land then let your eye follow the top blue horizon to the right....you can see how the land turns sharply to the right and on the far right just under the clouds you can just barely see the lighthouse...

 Casey was not going to be able to do the 10 mile round trip hike and I was not too excited about the thought myself SO happy I have a 60X zoom camera!!

and we past by Fat Smitty's burger joint... I thought it was kinda cool looking but don't think I'd eat food here!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Thanks for the rusty stuff!

  2. Thanks for the rusty stuff!

  3. Those are some really old nails, was the object identifable?. Love everything you are seeing. that 60x zoom is a great camera.

  4. Port Townsend is a great town too! And the State Park where you stayed is beautiful ... Brings back great memories. I wasn't birding back when we used to go there and so now I want to go back after reading your post! Sigh, so many places! " Gentleman" wasn't quite the right word for generator guy!

  5. It's funny to see pictures of places we were just a few months ago. We weren't lucky enough to see harlequin ducks, though. Beautiful

  6. It's funny to see pictures of places we were just a few months ago. We weren't lucky enough to see harlequin ducks, though. Beautiful


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