Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Project House Latest!

I've been setting up some of the furniture in the project house, 
So here is what I consider the quest room of the house. This bed has always been weird! I bought it when my son was about 11 years old...and it was time for him to move out of a twin to a full size bed.  I got it in a second hand store, and when I bought a mattress and brought it home for the bed it was too small on the width by about 1.5 inches!

the mice chewed rug looks okay so Im using it in this room
I looked high and low for a mattress to fit, none would I carried a tape measure with me everywhere.. finally found out what the problem is!! European beds are sized differently! An American full size is 54" wide a European full size is 55" its due to the metric system of measuring! So this bed was made in Europe and brought to the USA at some point..it doesn't seem that old and its not a fine bed its just ordinary. I really wanted to get rid of this bed and get a different frame and should one come close to me and be affordable I will...because I can't find a 55" mattress set!  

the European size is 55" wide due to metric measuring
I had some thick side rails I got for another bed...I put those on the European bed it helped only slightly so when I get the mattress for this bed I think Ill slide a 1 x 4 down alongside the mattress on both sides to hold it in tight... I put the dresser I refinished over on this wall it looks pretty good.  I have a bigger mirror (it is also painted white)...once its refinished I will hang it here over the dresser. I think its maple (under the white paint) so it should match okay. 

the refinished dresser
This cabinet is one I did a make over on many yrs ago...it was a plain cheap "you assemble yourself cabinet'...I read this workshop about how to create a one of a kind from a plain one, So I added the trim to the front, did a special paint job with layers of color, starting with a yellow, then a brown highlight wash, distressed it some then added my lizards and snakes... sorry 'bout the junk on top those things go in the bathroom, its the vanity light and the sink faucet set.  The Globe needs a new resting place too...so its floating around room to room right now!  This cabinet has shelves so its great storage. This room has a very small closet.

decorated cabinet

I'm experimenting with some finishes like maybe Ill use the samples given to me of my novelty fabric line Tribal Ponies back when I was doing that...they're kind of bright...but it may work, I want to get some nice bullion fringe to go in the seam.   Still dealing with the man cave sectional I wanted to get rid of...I may be able to make a slip cover for it?? When I have time. It has recliners on the end pieces. Maybe a yellow/gold/blue tone on tone brushed cotton or microfiber? It would take 18-20 yards to do it using 54" wide fabric. 

the fabric is just folded around to see how it looks 

Some things I collect are cobalt blue glass and terra cotta pieces..so this is a good place to showcase these things..

                                                   Id like to add a Heisenberg blue Vodka bottle to this collection

Slowly finding resting spots for my favorite things that will stay in the house... The mantle seemed like a good place for some pottery...and this Texas Long Horn thing I picked up (in Texas) in 1980 ...I know it's not Vegan...but its been in my life so long---I'm keeping it for old times sake. 

                                                                                             Cocoa found a home

And more favorite things found a home up in the shelf I decided to keep open...the little Christmas Pail has my sons old favorite cookie cutters in  it, we spent many Christmas Eves cutting out sugar cookies with those old cutters.

                                                                                      some  favorite things

The old china cabinet found a home here it contains my  wedding "china" set which was popular back in the days...was 12 of everything but now some pieces are missing!

                                                       the pattern is Sheffield Fine China of Japan- Elegance 

The Bar room that my son was planning was such a good idea I kept that theme...Its one of my favorite rooms now! I set up the chess set but it needs some new pieces something heavy so clumsy people like me won't knock it all down!!! There's 2 more of those bar stools I am gonna put one more in here under those picture frames that's why I put them up so high.

                                                                     see the ice bucket I found last week in Goodwill?

And here is where I am in the bathroom.. building a shelf over shelves at the foot of the tub...THIS house was built before showers were in tubs... and probably had a claw foot tub at some point the tub wall is 8 inches longer than a standard tub is...SO have to figure this out I think this will work, tile it all up and then put a door on the front, good space for storing TP rolls, soap, etc. and rolled up bath towels!

                                                                 cubby hole cabinet spiders not allowed

That's the latest on the project house...Plenty to be done still but I'm in the homestretch!  

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. My word you have come a long way on this project. I love the cabinet with the lizards an snakes. Nice touch. Hadn't realized cocoa was so large, she lookes great at the fireplace. I was thinking the same thing about the bed, sliding boards in the sides to keep the mattress tight. Nice looking bed frame. Now to see the bathroom completed

    1. I've been dragging my feet since the deadline disappeared, but I do hope to have it done by the end of this yr which is coming on pretty fast I mean look its already August!

  2. You sure are on the home stretch! The house looks amazing. All your treasures make it homey. I love the tribal pony pillows.

    1. I hate that this fabric is stuffed in storage boxes I want to USE it so this may be the right time to do that!

  3. Wow, I am never not impressed when I look at your pics. You do sooo much! I really love that green color in the bar room.

    1. I like this color too My son chose it, with all the light this little room gets it can handle that dark color and it still looks bright and sunny!

  4. Oh it's looking so good! You worked miracles. I love the homey touches, especially adore the niche for your collections. So is your son not moving in? I think I read your blog every time you wrie ..I have you on Feedly ... But I still seem to always miss stuff.

    1. Yeah It really bummed our plans when he was forced to change jobs and the job is just too far away for him to commute so he wont be moving here As long as he has that job...so IM kinda planning to move in myself...I need a break from being a 24/7 caregiver I will be 300 ft away and with my room here vacant now Other family can come help out!! I hope to be in by Christmas...or at least the new yr.

    2. Oh that sounds like a plan! A good one.


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