Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Indiana Corn and more...

Sorry I have not had a chance to visit your blogs I miss y'all I hope to catch up with you when we arrive in CO. Currently we are in Indiana we have spent 2 days visiting my mom's brother and tomorrow we head back out...My Uncle lives in a cornfield! Here is the Kids playing in the corn!


I enjoyed poking around in my uncle's garden...he let me pick some goodies, NOT this huge cabbage...but it was tempting..

THESE are so good I am taking some to my sis in CO...

THE corn is so fresh I picked it and we had some for dinner tonight delicious

While they reminisced I took a drive around some of the dirt roads and found a few interesting things besides Corn....

And some young blue birds learning the ropes from Mom n Dad up on the wire...

And Annie went on the wild side....

It was not a good day for photos...we had some drizzle, and heavy cloud cover most of the time since we arrived...quite chilly too!!

Tomorrow we head for Illinois, eventually Iowa, then Nebraska, then drop down into Colorado...While driving I don't get much time to stop and take photos...But we'll see what I can get along the way!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Glad for an update on your trip. Your mom is so lucky to have you for a daughter! Stay safe!

  2. Not a good day for photos, you're crazy. I love all these shots, especially the moody sky. The pups all look adorable too.

  3. Pictures are great nice ones of the flowers. Can't wait to see more

  4. So instead of children of the corn, you have dogs of the corn.
    Hey, we'll be in Colorado by Sunday. Denver area until about the 8th, then south on US 285. Where are you going?

    1. Im Heading to Rifle/Silt area Where you headed after Denver, Ill probably be passing thru Denver on Saturday or Sunday currently in Kearney NE

  5. So glad you checked in girl ! And glad the trip is going well. Keep on having fun ! Tell your mom too!


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