Monday, December 1, 2014

Scrooged... Again?

For me its like both the Bill Murray films, Groundhog Day and Scrooged all in one.....  

24 days till Christmas? How can this be? Not that I dislike the idea of Christmas, I can take it or leave it... another year is gone!!  I've always wanted one of those "old fashioned Christmases" like the ones on the Lifetime specials...a house in the woods, the tree touching the ceiling, a cozy fire, eggnog and carols, snow on Christmas morning...ETC..everyone laughing and being so cheerful and caring...WHO am I kidding eh?  Ours normally turns out somewhere between The Grinch and the National Lampoons Christmas.
"that tree is way too big for this room" 

"put those candles out... they stink"
"it's 65 degrees outside"
"oh that's not my size, I wish you hadn't"
although I'm kinda exaggerating family would deny these accusations!

I've tried to refuse to do it, that blew up in my face, I've tried to pass it off onto other family members, that was a mess, I've tried to have NO gifts present some got bent over that, I've tried running away from home, they actually seemed to enjoy that....hmmmm and yet I came here I am facing yet another Christmas reluctantly! ...the truth is I LIVE IN A HOUSE IN THE WOODS, its normally not cold enough to light a fire on Christmas, and we have a snowballs chance in h**l of having a white Christmas, although we usually get it the week after, if we get it in December!  People are normally grumpy, stressed, and not in good cheer.  I hate that call ---

  1. Q. What are we gonna do for Christmas?      A. I have no clue.
  2. Q. What do  you want for Christmas?
    A. I have no clue.
  3. Q. Why do we even bother?
    A. I have no clue

One thing that terrifies me now is going into the attic to get down decorations and left over wrapping paper etc...the attic stairs in this house is metal, the project house where I fell is NOT ... I get that knot in my stomach...but like riding a horse when you fall off you gotta get back in the
saddle,,,, at least once the casts come off ! DO yourself a favor if you have one of those staircases with wooden steps replace it right away!! 
I love twinkling lights any time of I put those up outside, I love the baked goods so I bake, I love family so they come over, I enjoy wrapping gifts, so why do I dread it so? IT's when you ADD it all together makes me a  scrooge and there is no getting around it...
This year Im making a personal vow---I will enjoy the hoopla, the shopping, the cooking, the family, the gifting, and all that
...but I'm not putting up an inside tree....
 Then put the left overs back in the attic Pandora's Box until next year!  

while I worked as a free lance graphic artist the projects they gave to me were always Christmas art...and I had to create these in July! omgoodness...

...and so it is that I celebrate once more...
this post from 2010 in Writtn's  details how Christmas came into my life IT KINDA EXPLAINS why I get this way...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I to am not in love with it anymore. the family is so split and I just assume go camping or somewhere else anyway. I did put up the tree today since Friday I am having a very small GTG with my friends. But a day or 2 after Christmas I am hitting the road for Yuma maybe even the Q. Hope to stay gone most of Jan.

    1. OH boy that sounds like fun!! Many people whose blogs I read are heading there for the winter also I will be reading up on your journey!

  2. I guess you could put me in the bah-humbug category.
    It's just another day to me, and far too commercialised to mean anything but profit to big companies.
    I'll be walking my local lake on 25th, and feeding the birds. :-)

    1. and i will be reading about it on the 26th! Thank you Keith!

  3. I used to stress way too much about buying presents so many years ago, I just quit. Don't buy me anything, I won't be buying for you. This improved my appreciation of the holidays considerably. I used to be in a choral group who went to nursing homes and sang. That seemed to get me in the Christmas spirit.

    1. exactly...the stressing gets me grumpy...One yr I was involved in a Choral group only we went to the Prisons and sang for the inmates and we did 2 free shows for the was so much fun!!

  4. I hear ya. This year I'm trying to get my family to not do the whole present thing- but I'll feel like a jerk if they send me something and all they get is a picture of my dogs in santa suits.

    But yeah, I'm all for baking, lights, warm drinks, snow and all that. Just leave the religion and the capitalism out of it!

    1. We are like minded on this one Jen---I would enjoy the Santa suited photos of your boys..haha

  5. Nobody in the real world has those perfect Christmases,especially not after everybody in the family is too old to believe in Santa. We hold it together for the little ones! EMail me some of those baked goods will you? I don't even do that anymore ;)))

  6. Well, you did make me smile with the stuff you wrote in this post. I think we all long for the perfect Xmas like the ones you see in the movies. Unfortunately reality isn't like that. I was debating whether or not to decorate this year because my partner isn't here anymore and I'll not likely see any family. But, I decided to go ahead with it anyway and it is pretty and I am pleased. I'll probably have a few friends over here at some point over the holidays and then it will
    be all over for another year.


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