Monday, December 15, 2014

SO Simple Even a Scrooge Can Do It.

Part 2:
Well I told y'all I was going to enjoy Christmas this year and so far so good!  I'm not allowing it to get o me!! No way Jose!

 Today I packed up a box and it's labeled with shipping & ready to go to my son and his this is something I enjoy doing! I fill it with stuff they would never bother to waste money on, like reindeer antler headbands and Elf hats with big ears on it...and chocolate candy!!
So on the way to the post office I stopped and had a walk around the lake at Goodale park, my local...IT was so warm high was 70 today!  I was the only person at the was nice to be alone!  Nature provided me with easy, simple, pleasures!

Like these Coralberries decorating a cedar tree Nature has her own way of sprucing things up.. is a yellow rump who followed me around for a while enjoying a berry snack..

                      More hanging decorations but these are of the man made kind not as pretty...

speaking of pretty paper, check out this River Birch Tree

Pretty ribbons? Nope but got it all tied up anyways... 

and you can almost see a glint of red on the crown of this Ruby Crowned Kinglet,  he was eyeing me up pretty good!

A Northern Mockingbird,  looked a little ruffled!

                 These 2 Pied Billed Grebes were calm as cucumbers not a care in the world...

We are hosting the Holiday meal this year and it will be a simple root roast with Potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sweet onion, mushrooms and peppers! I'll add some sweet peas a couple of store bought pies and Mom is making her Cornbread Stuffing. 
Easy Peasy!  
Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I LOVE river birch. That was the first thing I planted when I moved to Florida. Love that peeling bark. I can't believe those pictures you took of the kinglet. Amazing


    1. thank you
      Barb, I stood there forever looking at that tree is it amazing!! I'm enjoying your Hawaii posts a LOT!!

  2. Really enjoyed that walk round your local Sondra.
    A high of 70? It's pretty cold here at the moment, struggling at 7 C in the sun. :-(

    1. HI Keith...brr to your 7're a very hardy guy and get out in it anyway so my hat is off to you!

  3. That's the spirit. The bark on those Birch trees is gorgeous.

  4. what a marvelous walk and all the fun birds and the tree! I have never seen a tree like that before, you have given me an idea for next week to mellow out after this week which is going to be hectic. I think I'll drive up to Madera to see what birds are still around.

    what a fun package for you son and gf.

    1. Thanks Jo, I hear Madera is very Birdy!! I signed up for alerts of rare brids it comes into my email daily...there is a rare sighting of a
      Rufous Backed Robin here near Patagonia'40.8%22N+110%C2%B046'30.0%22W/@31.5715936,-110.8117355,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

      and a Sinaloa Wren sighting here near Tubac'09.6%22N+111%C2%B002'41.3%22W/@31.6026623,-111.0447963,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

  5. Merry Christmas to all around your Holiday table, especially you and your Mom! Wonderful local park you've got there! The kinglet really IS giving you the eye! What a great picture.

  6. Yum, a root roast sounds great! Glad the holidays aren't dragging you down and that you found some time to peep on some birds.


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